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Guide to the Summer Smokey Eye.

Posted by Wink Admin on

Love the smokey eye look but think its a little bit too dark for your style? Try the Summer Smokey eye! Typically done in nude and gold tones, this look is a way to achieve a much softer and natural look. This is a great technique to use for you day to day eye makeup routine, being that nude eye makeup looks good with mostly everything! To achieve this look you will need a Nudes makeup pallet or an assortment of nude eye makeups.

  1. Start with a clean eyelid. Use an eye makeup brush to darken the outer edge of each eye, making a side triangle shape.

     2. Use a different eye makeup brush to add a medium tone of nude to the center of each eye. Once you have added the medium tone, blend the dark and medium. Next take you highlighting bush and highlight the inner eye and under the arch of your eyebrows. 

    3. The last touch to completing your Summer Smokey eye look is to add your eyeliner and mascara! 

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