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Smokey Eye for your Eye Color.

Posted by Wink Admin on

The Classic and Summer Smokey eye techniques look amazing with any eye color (MOST of the time) there is more fun to be had! The Classic can be too dark for some eye colors, so by adding another color to the mix it can really change things up.  A little pop of color can really enhance the beauty of your eyes! You can use the same techniques as the Classic and Summer Smokey Eye, to get the look just add one more step. So, what colors work best? It turns out that there is a method to the madness!

  • Blue Eyes: When doing the smokey eye with blue eyes, they already POP because of the contrast of the light and dark. By adding a purple or violet shadow or shimmer to the existing smokey eye look you can bring out the different hues of blue in your eyes. You can use violet on the creases of your eyelids as well as on the lid in general. A lighter lavender above the crease will give you a more dramatic look.

  • Green Eyes: Warm Color Tones are beautiful on green eyes. Red-based colors bring out the beautiful green hues in your eyes. Colors such as Coral and Peach are an amazing way to really make green eyes shine! Copper and Nude tones also bring a lovely light to green eyes. 


  • Brown Eyes: Green and Silver are big go to's for brown eyes. Wearing green color tones, If you have hazel eyes, it makes them appear more green. To achieve this using blue/greens such as teal give an beautiful highlight. Silver is is such a cool toned color, it provides an amazing contrast against the warmth of brown eyes. BE CAREFUL though, wearing too much silver on the lower lash line can enhance the look of dark circles. 

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