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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How soon after a C section can I wear the garment?

As soon as you don’t feel any pain on your wound area, you should be able to wear the garment. For most people, that will take about 3-4 days.

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2. I have delivered my baby a few months ago, will it still be effective if I start wearing one now?

Yes, you can still enjoy the benefits even if you have delivered your baby a few months ago. Our garments are designed to provide continuing support and compression that will help improve posture, reduce water retention, and helps you build stomach muscles with the constant compression on your stomach that makes me suck in your tummy.

3. Can I wear it to workout or sleep in it?

Yes, our garments are highly suitable to workout and sleep in. The support from the garments prevents the stomach from being “jiggly” when working out.

4. How often do I have to wear it?

We recommend wearing the garment as often as you could to enjoy the full benefits of the support and compression.

5. Do I get the size I want to be or the size I am currently at?

We highly recommend that you get the size you can wear now. Some of our garments have adjustable hook and eye closures. So you can adjust for tightness and “shrink” into the garment before a new one is needed to accommodate your new body! 

6. I feel uncomfortable and the garment rolls down. Why is that?

The garment may be too small for you, that is why it is causing you discomfort and is rolling down. Please contact our customer service agent to get help in selecting the right size.

7. I don’t feel any compression. Should I get a size smaller?

Yes, if you don’t feel any compression, we recommend that you get a size/sizes smaller. Please contact our customer service agent to get help in selecting the right size.

8. I am not post-partum and would like to use it as a slimming shapewear, can I do that?

Yes, our garments are suitable for everyday slimming shapewear use.

9. I have a short torso, can I still wear the garment?

Yes, for women with short torsos, we recommend folding the top elastic band down so that the garment will not be too long for you.

10. How long do I have to wear the garment before getting another size?

As soon as you don’t feel much compression anymore, we recommend that you get a smaller size. The time varies with different individuals as some wear it for longer periods during the day and may “shrink” faster than others.

11. Can I wear underwear with the Wink garment?

Except for bodysuits, we recommend that you wear your underwear underneath your bikinis for extra comfort and hygiene purposes. Wearing underwear beneath your garment will not affect the level of compression.