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Wink Vs. Competition

Fabulous. In the blink of an eye. SHHHH...

Wink™ is a radical silky, smooth slimming system of support and medical compression undergarments, including belly wraps, bands, and medical Shapewear to help your body look and feel fabulous.

This brilliant line of intimate wear fuses the benefit of stabilizing body compression with state-of-the-art fabric technology. Beautifully engineered, Wink™ Recovery Shapewear provides power, stretch, and an equal amount of compression in all three directions to hold you close and never let you go.

Medically Speaking

The art of proper post-pregnancy compression can assist in lessening post-delivery conditions such as swelling, lax skin, incision soreness and further reduce the risk of possible complications, pooch bellies, loose skin, and pain. Wearing a Wink™ Recovery Shapewear slimming garment post-delivery you will see your body bouncing back to shape faster.

Wink vs. the Competition. So, how do we measure up?

Wink is the only line of medical compression wear designed for post-partum slimming. Nothing compares.