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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: For the Moms Who Have Everything (with Items to Ship in time for the Holiday!)


Freelance Writer and Project Manager of Celebrating Cultural Uniqueness at Tiffin University

With Mother’s Day coming up, I have been asked by people who were fans of my holiday roundup to help them find some unique items to celebrate moms. 

I would be remiss if I wouldn’t add that this will seem frivolous to some in light of what is going on in our world, but I personally, have chosen to support new businesses, small businesses and, of course, ensure that the people I love still are celebrated during what could still be a very isolating time.

Though it seems far away, Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 10th. With the delays in shipping, it might be in your best interest to order today!

I find Mother’s Day to be one of the hardest holidays. I’m at the stage in my life where if I want it, I usually get it myself. The moms I buy for are also or have been in that stage for awhile now. This season, I have been on a quest to find gifts to either make life easier or that are unique and fun--something we wouldn’t think to buy for ourselves. So, whether you’re a working mom who needs to streamline your shopping this year or whether you’re simply looking for a memorable gift, this guide is for you!

For the Mother Who Has Everything

We all have the person in our life who’s incredibly hard to buy for because they have everything that they want. (I fully acknowledge that this may be me!) Now’s the time to think about updating something they use on a regular basis.

The tiripro hair dryer is literally life changing. It is light, dries hair quickly for those of us who are always in a rush to get out of the door on time in the morning (and bonus: if you have curly hair, this diffuser attachment is the best I’ve ever used!). While you’re buying one of these for your mom, do yourself a favor and get one for yourself as well!.

If the person you’re shopping for (again, this could be you!) is into wine, but not into the headaches after, check out the products from The Wand. I tend to steer clear of red wine because of the side effects, but I didn’t have a headache after trying these!

For the Working Mom (For her Office OR While WFH)

I like to have cold water and diet coke for that afternoon slump on hand in my office. A mini fridge is a great gift for a working mom--even one who works at home. I’m already thinking of ways to use this uber chill fridge outside on days that I’m working remotely this summer and want to do so from my patio. 

Know someone who is constantly putting her hair up during the work day? I love these tidal hair sticks. As someone who is constantly going “old school” and popping a pencil or pen to hold up my locks, I love these. They’re more professional should a colleague pop in and are perfect for weekend hairstyles as well!

For the Mama to be

If you have a new mom or soon-to-be mom on your list, you should go all out, particularly if it’s her first Mother’s Day. However, the ideas below are practical things for expecting mothers.

Giftgowns is a company that makes fun hospital gowns, perfect for pregnant women to toss in their go bag for delivery day. Wink Shapewear offers comfortable recovery options for women who have had a c-section.

While you’re gifting for these moms, consider a gift card to a spa or for free babysitting because being a new mom is so amazing, but exhausting. (In NYC? Consider making her an appointment for a facial at MVSE Skin Care)

For the Beauty Product Loving Mom

I can’t stop talking about Hume Supernatural. Most of us are trying to use healthier and more ethical products and I’ve been on the struggle bus finding a natural deodorant that smells good and is longer lasting. This is it! Buy one for the ladies in your life and toss one in the cart for yourself. 

The Spatty is an amazing product for getting every last bit of makeup out of the tube. I love this too for people who might have mobility issues. Just a perfect little gift!

Piperberry Moisturizer is great for moms (like me) who are trying to keep our skin healthy. Sometimes on super busy days, I only have time to moisturize and I loved this product. It smells good, applies well, and gives me that glow I’m always going for (even if I’ve only had a few hours of sleep!)

I’ve become a big fan of skincare as I (ahem) grow older and I have to recommend Cocooil products. Not only am I fan, my kiddo is as well! (Her hands had become chapped from all of the hand-washing and the baby oil has really helped us both).

For the Mama who Loves Jewelry

A friend just told me she’s started buying both her mom and her mother-in-law jewelry. As many of our moms are in a position in their lives when they’re trying to downsize, jewelry makes a nice gift that doesn’t take up a lot of space. 

I’m obsessed with Lat & Lo to the point that if you’re reading this and you know me, it’s something you’re going to receive this year. You can have coordinates placed on jewelry of a location that means something to the gift giver. Either where they lived, where they did live, where they got married, etc. So fun and so special!

Julio Designs is a handmade jewelry company based in Texas. Again, if you’re searching for unique gift ideas, this is a great place to check out. And, the packaging is so beautiful, you don’t have to get gift wrapping!

Raising Arrows Handmade is one of my favorite small shops. Her earrings (and other fun things!) are affordable and unique. (I gave both my mom, mother in law, and countless friends these for Christmas--they were a hit!)

Takobia  jewelry has some gorgeous pieces. I love how different they are, yet they have a classic look, meaning they will stand the test of time. These were my go to gift this year for some of my closest friends!

For the Mom who is Always Cold

There’s one in every bunch--the lady who is always cold. We find them in our offices, they’re our friends, and, they’re often our mothers. 

The Cozee is a great product for keeping even the coldest person on your gift list all toasty and warm. With a portable battery pack, it’s like the old school electric blanket you used to use...but it’s mobile! I LOVE this idea. Perfect for not only camping and hanging out outdoors with your family, but I can also see it being valuable when you have to sit at outdoor sporting events and even when you’re cuddling on the couch for movie night. 

Pudus are designed for those with chilly feet in mind. These luxurious and plushy slipper socks are perfect for any mom on your list. I also love that these are smaller AND they pack well. (Anyone else always freezing in a hotel room?) Check them out.

Though times are tough, I think it’s important to still celebrate the moms in our life. Not just our own moms, but the mothers who are working from home, homeschooling, and adjusting to a new normal. I’ve discovered that something that makes me happy, is gifting to another person to brighten their day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there and those of you that are soon to be moms. Enjoy your day, no matter the circumstances.

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Freelance Writer and Project Manager of Celebrating Cultural Uniqueness at Tiffin University
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Mother's Day is on May 10th. Though that seems far away, it's not. With social distancing continuing and the delay in shipping, I highly suggest ordering something to celebrate your mom soon. I was asked to compile a list of my favorites and I'm happy to share them here (along with a cute picture of the little lady that made me a mama!) hashtagmothersday2020 hashtagshoppingonline hashtagsupportbusinesses hashtaggiftguide hashtagmom hashtagworkingmom

Wink! Your Little Pink Secret


Wink’s line of intimate wear fuses the benefit of stabilizing body compression with state-of-the-art fabric technology. Proper post-pregnancy compression can assist in curbing post-delivery complications such as swelling, lax skin, incision soreness, pooch bellies, loose skin, bruising and pain.

Remember when you made a secret promise to a girlfriend? You would “pinky swear” and entwine little fingers to bind a deal and a pact. That is exactly what friends at Wink Shapewear are doing for you. Wink is a woman-owned business and they want to be your partner and good friend when you want to look and feel your best!

Wink™ is a radical silky, smooth slimming system of support and medical compression undergarments, including belly wraps, bands, and medical Shapewear to help your body look and feel fabulous.

This brilliant line of intimate wear fuses the benefit of stabilizing body compression with state-of-the-art fabric technology. Beautifully engineered, Wink™ Recovery Shapewear provides power, stretch, and an equal amount of compression in all three directions to hold you close and never let you go.

Here is what sets Wink Shapewear in an elite class of their own:

  • Wink garments are powerful! They are made from state-of-the-art material.
  • Wink worked with doctors to bring you the best compression material available today.
  • Wink specialize in Hot Mama Shapewear for post-surgery and post-baby.
  • This is the only shapewear available that can bring you down one whole size.
  • Wink garments are ultra strong but equally soft, seamless and silky smooth.
  • Wink fabric is also breathable and adapts to the body’s changing shape.

At Wink you will also benefit from gold star customer service to make sure you are delivered a superb product that you will be thrilled with for a very long time. When you know you look good and feel good about yourself, you glow. When you know you feel good about how you look, you gain confidence and feel ready to meet any challenges that come your way. Wink wants to be your special, secret friend that makes you feel beautiful.




I gave birth to my twins via C-Section after 4 months of at-home bed rest and 5 days of in-hospital complete bed rest without bathroom privileges. The day after I gave birth, I was encouraged to move around to speed up my recovery. I honestly thought I had forgotten how to walk. After all, it was my first time to plant my feet on the ground after 6 long days! But I had to get up to see my twins who were in the hospital's Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU). So Joey pushed me on a wheelchair from our room to the IMCU but once we got inside, I had to walk. I didn't mind the pain because I wanted to see my babies. But once we got home, I felt really sore.

During that time, I was wearing an abdominal binder from the hospital. It helped relieve my incision pain but it didn't really help my back because I would still walk hunched over. I wore the binder for around 5 weeks until I decided to buy the Wink Ultra Bikini which was recommended by a friend who also delivered her baby via C-Section. At first, I was intimidated by its hook-and-eye closures (18 to be exact). My hospital binder was fairly easy to put on and remove because it was secured by Velcro. But I still decided to try Wink because my friend was really happy with it. I'm not exaggerating when I say my first trip to the bathroom after wearing my Wink took around half an hour - majority of which was spent hooking and unhooking the binder! But let me just say it was worth it. The compression was great. I felt just the right amount of pressure on my incision which helped lessen the pain 10 times more than the hospital binder. And since the Wink binder starts under the bust, it also provided great back support. I was able to stand up and walk with my back straight and move around better. It was also discreet enough to wear under my clothes. It always stayed in place and didn't bunch up or roll down even as I rocked, breastfed and bathed the twins. I was comfortable wearing it all day and even after several washes, it still retained its shape.
But you know what else it did? It shrunk my belly really quickly! Remember when someone mistook me for still being pregnant at 6 weeks postpartum? Well, after wearing the Wink binder for a month, my belly got really smaller. As in fit-into-pre-pregnancy-jeans smaller! What's cool about the Wink binder is that it has 3 layers of hook-and-eye closures to accommodate progress. After just 3 weeks (8 weeks postpartum), I was already using the innermost, tightest level. Then after the 4th week, I had to buy the next size down because I wasn't feeling the compression anymore. My family was surprised at how quick I was able to bounce back. They pointed out how I told them before that I would give myself 9 months to go back to my pre-pregnancy shape but was able to do it in 9 weeks. Yay! What a great ego boost for a new mom! So I told them about my strict post-pregnancy fitness routine:
So to the Creator of Wink, thank you from my once painful incision, sore back and jiggly postpartum belly. Because of your invention, this new mom is quickly starting to look and feel like her old self again.



C-Section Recovery Belly Binder by Wink

C-Section-Recovery Belly Wrap by WinkWink’s C Section Recovery Belly Binder offers 3 layers of adjustable hook and eye closures on the side, making it an excellent option for anyone who plans to use their abdominal binder for the duration of their post-partum weight loss; as you get slimmer, you can adjust the binder to fit your smaller torso.


Another great feature on this model is that it has an opening at the crotch so that you can easily use the restroom while wearing it without having to take it off and then re-adjust it afterwards. The opening also makes it versatile enough for women of all heights; some binders can be uncomfortable for shorter women, especially when sitting, so this would be an excellent choice for any woman who has found other binders are not suited to her torso length.

The Wink C Section Recovery Binder is a medical-grade girdle comprising of two layers of compression material, making it a sturdy and effective option. Users have commented on the nice, silky feel of the binder as well as the elastic that keeps the girdle from slipping down during the course of the day. One complaint some women have had is that the sizing can be tricky, so you may need to return the first one if it does not fit you right.

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine Coverage

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Her World Singapore Magazine Coverage

Her World May Feature 

Curvy Magazine Coverage

Check out this review...

Lose Two Sizes in Two Minutes

Whether you're a hot momma or a single, sexy siren-all of us gals have figure flaws that could be better-disguised. Well, Wink Shapewear has new shapewear that can boost your bum as well as your self esteem. Mei Lin Ong, from Wink Shapewear knows how to kick muffin tops and back fat to the curb. It's compression shapewear that also helps women medically, with recovery from pregnancy or surgery.

And guess what? There's also product on the site for your favorite guy. sizes come in XS to XXL. Check them out:


Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine Coverage

Wink Shapewear Nurse N Blast tank top - Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

Since giving birth to my little guy four months ago, I’ve done my best to get my body back into its prepregnancy shape. After months of nursing, exercise and a healthy—okay, mostly healthy—diet, the numbers on the scale now read the same as they did before baby came long. Unfortunately, in this case, numbers DO lie, and my hips and tummy are a shadow of their former selves—a softer, lumpier, larger shadow.

In an attempt to smoosh everything back into shape, I’ve amassed an arsenal of undergarments. But, there is one that trumps them all—the Wink Shapewear Nurse N Blast Tank Top. This tank, with its under layer of medical-grade compression material, has enough smooshing power to fool even me into thinking that my midsection has returned to normal.

Besides helping me get back my girlish waistline and fetch a few compliments, the tank also helps with those unsightly back bulges since soft cups eliminate the need for a traditional bra. Another bonus of the built-in bra: I don’t have to put on a nursing bra in the morning. And, being one step closer to getting out the door when you’re a new mom is as good as getting rid of back fat and a muffin top … okay, almost as good.

Though the tank has a lot going for it, it’s not without its flaws. What makes the tank so great—its heavy-duty compression power—also makes it difficult to put on. I had to ask for my husband’s assistance the first time or two around, but I’ve now mastered the art of getting it in place. The key is to pull the compression layer down before adjusting the outer cotton layer.

And, while I appreciate the tank’s nursing function, it can be tough getting a strap back on after unhooking it. Because of the tank’s design, the back strap has a tendency to fall behind my shoulder, where it can be difficult to locate and reattach without help.

For its few drawbacks, the tank is definitely a worthy indulgence for nursing mamas. Having a new baby makes you feel like a new woman, but you shouldn’t have to look like one. With the Nurse N Blast, you can get back to your pre-baby shape in a snap and make nursing easier to boot. In my book, that’s a win-win. Now, if I only had one in black and in pink …

Price: $75
To buy:

pregnancy & newborn magazine

A Blogger Review

Wink Shapewear Review & Competition

Well for a day at least. Last weekend I wiggled and squeezed my way into the new Wink Shapewear range that was confidence crushingly called 'Belly Blaster' in an effort to reduce my wobbly mummy tummy and ease myself into a little black dress for a family get together. I don't know why us women do it. We spend a huge part of our lives analysing our bodies post pregnancy and feeling generally discouraged by how it looks versus the super slim celeb mummies who live in a world of Dukan diets, no carbs and celebrity trainers.

We agonise over lumps and bumps when really we should celebrate the amazing changes our body has gone through and embrace our new shape. Unfortunately, I fall into camp one and three years on still beat myself with a wet fish when I find the tiny silver stretch mark veins and find my muffin pouch not something I let alone my husband would want to look at. That's not to say I've let it all go - I watch what I eat, I have cut back to 1500 calories a day, I cook fresh every night and I've started an exercise regime with a friend where we are swimming 2 - 3 nights a week. However, there are still those times when you need a quick fix and the new Wink Shapewear range promises to be a quick fix for those 'must be slim' emergencies, think of it as a lingerie fairy godmother if you will.

Little lingerie miracles like this are a wardrobe staple for many mums post pregnancy; for me unless I magically have a windfall I won't be having a tummy tuck any time soon, and to be honest I'm not sure I could stomach that sort of operation. Mum's are attracted to shapewear to hold in and smooth over extra body fat it is appealing to many of us mothers who lack the tight muscles that used to hold us together (they were there once honestly)! Wink Shapewear carries an exquisite line of top-quality shapewear that thankfully can rescue us and our bodies from wobblyness.

The Winks Shapewear range has some impressive credentials:-

"Wink is the only medical-grade system of postnatal recovery garments that help new moms get back into their fabulous shape after baby."

The variety of styles and options on offer is vast and each of the products can target a different trouble spot or solve a clothing dilemma whilst ultimately being comfortable to wear. For me, I am not concerned about my thighs, I've got good legs. Thanks to the joys of pregnancy my breasts are still large enough to house a small family of marsupials in and so wearing my own bra is a must have for shapewear. However, I want something that covers my back area and deals with my muffin top and that annoying join you get when wearing tights and pants and a bra and basically feel like a squashed sausage.

I don't like elastic or velcro to fasten things and prefer proper metal hook and eye fastening in a corset style - therefore no embarrassing ripping noises and hook and eye actually works when it's fastened. Most importantly, I want shapewear that will stay up where I want it so I don't have to worry about it sliding down throughout the day and having to do some strange pulling and tugging in public. These preferences led me to the Ultimate Belly Blaster, and it is everything I hoped it would be!

And I was not disappointed. The Ultimate Belly Blaster is made from a smoothy silky material and tight fitting for maximum compression. The hooks and eyes on the side panel allow for four different levels ofadjustment as you prefer a tighter or looser fit, and well as adjustable lengths with the shoulder straps. There are two layers of high compression level material called Lycrosoft, so you feel very 'contained' and not in any way squashed or uncomfortable. I could move and bend easily when wearing it and it felt like a very well fitting dress. I loved the fact that I could wear my normal bra with it and the material is strong and supportive and stood up well to the rigours of me pulling it on yet is very soft and tactile too. The high back is a HUGE bonus to the design as it covers that nasty back rolls so many of us get and although this shapewear is specifically created for the first 8 weeks of post partum recovery and particularly for post abdominal surgery recover I can see it can be used well after this date for any mum who needs that helping hand, without going under the knife, to get into something special and feel comfortable.

I wore it all day. I felt amazing. Unlike other shapewear products I have used I didn't spend every 5 minutes pulling something up or down or fidgeting. Going to the loo was also a breeze thanks to it's clever popper design so at least you don't have to squat like a medieval wench over your loo!

Currently if you head to the Wink Shapewear site you can sign up for their newsletter and get 10% off your first order - the Belly Blaster has an RRP of £85.99 which whilst pricier than your usual M&S Shapewear is far superior in design, quality and comfort and has been specifically designed with mum's post pregnancy in mind.

If however you fancy winning yourself a piece of Wink Shapewear then you'll want to enter my latest competition to win a Wink Ultra Bikini in either black or nude.

Made from the same high quality material as the Ultimate Belly Blaster, the Ultimate Postpartum Ultra bikini provides compression and support during your first 8 weeks of postpartum recovery and post abdominal surgeries recovery. Besides postpartum recovery, this bikini can also be worn as a shapewear and is ideal for someone looking for a strong but yet soft compression garment to smooth out love handles and back fat rolls. This compression garment helps eliminates lax skin, baby pooch following a delivery and abdominal surgeries.

Review By Susan Disney

Check out this review...

Are you looking for a way to seem slimmer, perhaps make your favorite pants fit better, or a dress for the holidays look amazing? Well shapewear is your answer. I would like to introduce you all to Wink Shapewear, woman-owned business, makes shapewear garments, here is a little more information about Wink Shapewear from the website:

Post maternity support garments and shapewear for men and women. Wink offers the only system of medical post-pregnancy and recovery compression garments specially designed to help you recover, lose weight and be back to your fabulous self after baby is born. Wink patented fabrics are anti-microbial, mold to every curve and our post-pregnancy belly band system hugs your waist, hips and abdomen to slim and tone all over. Our pregnancy support garments keep you feeling beautiful at every stage in your pregnancy and beyond.

After my daughter was born, my body has never been the same. I have dieted and excercised, for many years and still for some reason my body is just not the body I had when I was younger before my daughter was born. Perhaps it is because I am getting older and my body just does not bounce back as well as it used to do. I have lost a lot of weight over the years but I still cannot lose the jiggle in my lower half. My behind has always been a problem, and my thighs. I have never been happy with either of them.. Ugh! What to do?

Well luckily there is a company out there that really wants to help you feel better about the way you look, by making you look better. Wink Shapewear they sell some specific garments specially designed for post pregnancy and surgery wear. They are especially designed to help you slim down problem areas after giving birth or having a surgery. They have a patented fabric that will help in healing, and encourage your body to work with your core and back muscles to help rebuild them. This is wonderful that a company not only wants you to feel and look better, they also want you to heal, and be better! The Wink Shapewear can be used after a c-section. I would have love to have had this after I had my daughter. But I did not know anything like this existed, I wish I had.

Wink Shapewear comes in many styles, you can get styles to help with tummy issues, or bottom issues. Just like the typical shapewear you would see. Wink Shapewear comes in a variety of sizes and colors, as well. The colors include white, black, or nude. The sizes are also great for just about anyone some styles go up to 3X, so no matter what your size Wink Shapewear is there for you.

I was very fortunate to be able to review a pair of Booty Shaper Shorts. I went with the color nude to make this less noticeable. (well in my mind, I just like the look of the nude color). This is available in knee length and thigh length. I went with the thigh length style, for me this would be more versatile. I would be able to wear this with shorts or a dress or skirt, as well as pants.

I love the way this shapewear fits, it is comfortable and I do not feel like a sausage when I wear it. I have tried shape wear in the past and they were just tight clothing that squished me too tight. Not with Wink Shapewear, this really works with my curves and helps them seem smaller.

The booty shorts are easy to pull on, and this would make putting the shapewear on after a procedure during a recovery.
The shorts are silky and feel great under my clothing. I love the way I look in them and they make my bottom half look much more sleek and less curvy and I love that!

I would recommend Shapewear from Wink for new moms especially those who have had a c-section and want to feel better about themselves.



Review by Mikasa Beery of MommyPr

Link to review:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always worn camis. I like the way they smooth things out underneath form fitting clothes. After my triplet pregnancy (yay diastasis recti), I needed a little help in the smoothing-out department & I’m happy that Wink Shapewear reached out to me.  Wink Shapeware

Wink Shapewear’s garments are made with strong medical grade compression material, as well as the softest nylon available in the market. This helps in providing a high level of compression & comfort.

I tried their Tummy Tucker Tank, and I LOVE IT. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill compression tank. For starters, the tank is long enough that it sits below the hips. And with a sturdy band around the bottom, that keeps the tank from riding & bunching up, (which I’ve found to be a problem with competitive compression camis.) I’ve been able to comfortably wear this tank with my form fitting clothes. It does an EXCELLENT job compressing & smoothing the belly & hip line out. This is without a doubt, my newest staple in garment wear.

Compression Shirt

Their size guide is true to their garments & its important to follow it. They even state that if you are having any discomfort/pain, are unable to breathe normally, sit or get up, that you can contact them & they will get you the right size! With the garment, comes an instruction page for proper care. Letting you know that you pull the garment up by bunching it together, instead of digging your fingers into it which could tear/poke the fabric.

The Tummy Tucker Tank isn’t their only product. They have SO MUCH. Everything from Postnatal & Abdominal Surgery Recovery to Clothing; tops, bottoms, dresses & more.

Wink is a woman-owned business, and their mission is to be your partner & good friend in helping you feel your best. They’ve worked with doctors to bring the best compression material available. Wink takes great pride in offering you gold star customer service, to make sure that you are thrilled with their products. Because Wink knows how important it is, for us as women, to not only look good, but to feel good about it too!

Let Wink be your special, secret friend that makes you feel beautiful.