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Wear & Care Instructions

Our garments have been inspected for defects prior to shipping. Please check the garment for any defects upon receipt of the garment. If there are any defects, email photos of the defect within 3 days of receipt of garment. Email: A replacement piece will be shipped out to you.

 In order to provide the high level of compression and comfort, our garments are made of strong medical grade compression material as well as the softest nylon available in the market. As such please take care of the following when wearing:

  • When wearing, pull it up by bunching the garment together.
  • Do not use your fingers to dig into the material to pull it up. If you need to make adjustments with your fingers, avoid poking your nails into the garment. Use instead, the tips/balls of your fingers to adjust.
  • You should be able to breathe, sit and get up whilst wearing the garment. If you are experiencing any discomfort/pain or unable to breathe normally, sit or get up, please contact us to get the right size for you.
  • If you have difficulty fastening your garment, please contact us to exchange for the right size. Do not force the garment to fit as it will cause you pain as well as damage it.

 If you are in doubt if the garment fits right, please call us at 408-935-2260.