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Postnatal Slimming

It is often difficult for new mothers to lose weight and look fit. The pounds they gain during pregnancy, especially around the midsection, become a part of their life and the flabby abdomen stays there forever. Moreover, getting the right exercise seems impossible with an infant to take care of and strict dieting deprives the body of the necessary nutrition. Postnatal slimming undergarments can be the solution for this problem.

Eliminate baby pooch

Postnatal slimming garments are specially designed for nursing mothers. After the delivery, the skin around the waist often falls like a deflated balloon. The uterus had expanded to hold the baby, but now it has lost its purpose. You cannot lose it in a jiffy. Therefore, it is essential that you lose it slowly and steadily without looking like a sloppy new mother.

Perfect for post C section use

Compression garments can be used post-delivery by all the mothers, even those who have a C-section performed for delivery. These undergarments compress the waist and hips and help to bring them back in their natural shape and size. You can drop up to two sizes using these garments while you continue your exercise and try to fight the flab. They not only provide instant slimming results, but also make your tummy firm like before.

Postnatal slimming garments are available in a lot of styles and two colors- black and nude. There are belly wraps, belly and hip tuckers, C-section compression panties, postnatal slimming shorts and full body covering compression corsets. You can wear them according to your size and body shape. They are medical grade garments and are suitable for use as postnatal recovery.

You must keep in mind the purpose of wearing these slimming undergarments and then choose one accordingly. If you look for better support for a particular spot like your belly, then choose a belly wrap or a compression panty. However, if you want full body support then you must go for a calf length garment that will support your upper and lower abdomen as well as the hips and thighs.

It is recommended that you wear these garments everyday (even to sleep) for about 6 to 8 weeks to get maximum results. To avoid rushing through things after delivery, you can purchase your garment before your delivery or if you want to be sure of what exact size you will be after delivery, purchase the garment after delivery.