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Glamping; Solace And Space With Your Baby In A More Accommodating Place

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Travelling with a baby is slightly trickier than without, but don't let that put you off. A study by Cervinka et al. showed the positive impact of nature on our wellbeing, more specifically, a more positive mood and vitality through time spent in nature.  Sleeping under the stars in among nature is a wonderful experience. It could be that you opt for the minimalist approach to adjust to camping by adding a couple of foil blankets under your groundsheet to take the chill off, or now may be the time to introduce yourself to glamping. Camping with added glamour, choose your best blanket scarf and leave the camping kit behind as you upgrade your accommodation choice with facilities.

Where To Glamp

There is a wild variety of glamping options in beautiful countryside that is simply ideal for families. Glamping provides certain conveniences of home, such as electricity, proper beds and linen as well as showers and kitchens in stunning, secluded locations with woodlands, wildflower meadows and nature trails to explore. Accommodation options can include a traditional shepherd's hut, a Mongolian yurt, a modern geo-dome or an Air Stream kitted out with mod cons.

Equipment To Hand

Choose the accommodation that will suit you and your baby. As with hotels, you can often hire a travel cot and highchair. Make sure you are happy with any kit you do bring along. For example, an efficient cooking stove can produce hot water quickly for a much needed coffee. For reassurance, stay fairly close to a village or town with access to a supermarket and clinic. Glamping is as much about relaxing in the open air and recuperating for you as well as exploring.

Planning With Your Baby In Mind

The greatest challenge of glamping with a baby is providing comfort in a new setting and experience. It helps to stick to your baby's routine, keep to the usual nap times and maintain the bedtime ritual. By planning your activities around the baby's schedule, it will help everyone to feel at ease. Be sure to accommodate for the weather, taking extra blankets for baby if temperatures are expected to drop at night and applying water resistant sun screen of SPF30 or higher as necessary as well as seeking shade.

Exposure To The Elements

Glamping is a great way to kick back, connect with nature and spend some quality time as a family. Children benefit greatly from being outdoors in the open and constantly changing environment, the freedom, exposure to the elements and opportunity for play is a necessary part of their healthy development. Immersing them in nature at an early age is an essential part of this especially if you are looking to raise an adventurous soul. Lying on the grass, listening to the bees or feeling the rain are just some of the simple pleasures in life that you can help your baby explore. What are you waiting for?

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