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Guide to the Classic Smokey Eye

Posted by Wink Admin on

There is just something super sexy about a smokey eye. The lovely technique is an amazing way to accentuate the beauty of the eyes. Smokey eyes also, do not as their name suggests, have to be done with black eye makeup. There are many different amazing color combos to try and love that we will cover in this makeup series. In this tutorial we are going to show you how to do the Classic Smokey Eye.

  1. On a clean eyelid use eyeliner pencil to trace the top of your eyelid until just after the center of your eye. Mark upwards to the crease of the eye making a deep U shape on the eyelid.

  2. Use an eyeliner brush to blend the eyeliner in the crease. After blending use eyeliner brush and black eye makeup to thicken the line of eyeliner on your eyelid and fill in the corner of your eye and blend into the crease. 

  3. Once you have blended your eye makeup to a smokey black, look up and trace the bottom row of lashes with the eyeliner brush. 

  4. After you have darkened your eye makeup to the desired shade of black use a highlighting eye makeup brush and your pale shimmer. Highlight the bottom of the eyebrow, the eyelid and the inner eye. Highlighting these places gives the eye a beautiful dimension.

    5.  The final touch is the Mascara and you have mastered the elusive smokey eye! Check back for our next tutorial in our Smokey Eye Series!

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