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Heather’s Wink Story

Posted by Wink Admin on

Dear Wink,

Before I got pregnant with my first son I had a body that I loved, never needed to watch what I ate and exercised just enough to stay toned and trim. When I got pregnant with my first son I worried about how my body would change and how I would look after he arrived. I gained 45 pounds with him despite eating healthy and exercising during my pregnancy. I was very worried also knowing that I needed to have a C-section that I would not get my body back as quickly as I wanted to. I came across one of your ads in a parenting magazine promising to slim me down and help with post C-section recovery. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to do much in the way of actual weight loss, but anything to help me look skinnier was something I wanted. I ordered the Original Ultimate Postpartum Bikini garment even though I thought the price was high.


In the month prior to my C-section I had put on over 15 pounds of water weight, my calves and ankles were as big as my thighs and everything was huge and bloated. I was so upset and thought this weight would never go away. A week after my C-section, I lost a lot of water weight and was able to squeeze my way into the garment. It was difficult to get on as I had to really struggle to pull it up without hurting myself due to the surgery but once it was on, I felt so secure. The soreness from my surgery went away, the incision didn’t hurt as I thought pressure on it might have and I felt like all my loose skin and excess fat was hidden! I felt so good in it that I hated to take it off for a shower and to wash it. I wore it every day and night. The couple nights I couldn’t wear it because it was drying from washing were very uncomfortable nights. I felt much better when it was on and supporting me. For the C-section recovery alone, I would buy it again. When I went to the doctor for my 2 week check-up, I had lost 30 pounds! My doctor was in awe and asked what I had been doing. I showed him that I was wearing the Wink band and he said he had never heard of it and was shocked at how well I was doing recovery wise. I kept wearing the band for about three months which I continued to drop weight and felt slimmer wearing it.

I am now in my second and last pregnancy and from day one, vowed to buy the best from the Wink line. I was so impressed by what it did to my stomach area that I wanted to see what it could do to my legs as well. So I wanted to order the Skinny Minny Blaster. The price is high but knowing how amazing the first garment worked, I knew it was well worth the money and I NEEDED it! It also made my decision to have another C-section much easier as I knew it would help with my recovery. I ordered the Skinny Minny about a week ago and it just arrived Monday of this week! I was so impressed by the super-fast shipping! Your customer service is awesome and your feedback on Facebook is unlike any other company out there. It’s not very often I find customer service and a product that is amazing! I recommend your products to all my pregnant friends and even friends who aren’t pregnant who just want to look slimmer. I am hoping this Skinny Minny will get me back to my pre-pregnancy body quicker and I won’t need the Tummy Tucker Tank top but I plan on ordering that too once lose most of my weight and just have a bit of a tummy pooch, as I do know that can stick around for a while! My baby girl will be here February 24 and I can’t wait to try my new purchase! Thanks for your products, great customer service and changing the way I feel about my body!

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