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Veralynn’s Wink Story

Posted by Wink Admin on

I first discovered Wink shapewear as I was entering my third trimester of pregnancy. I was expecting my first baby, and as much as I was looking forward to meeting my sweet son and becoming a mother, I was worried about my post-baby body. I just couldn’t imagine how my skin could stretch to accommodate this baby and shrink back to normal again afterward! I purchased the Original Ultimate Postpartum Bikini, and when it arrived I had my doubts that I would even be able to get the Bikini past my thighs, let alone around my stomach. My doubts quickly subsided when I looked in the mirror at one day postpartum wearing my Wink shapewear- I looked fantastic! It was hard to believe I had been pregnant just twenty-four hours earlier. As the days turned into weeks following the birth of my son, I noticed such a difference in my weight loss and skin. Even now, at almost six weeks postpartum, I look forward to wearing my Wink shapewear underneath my outfits- it makes me feel so much more put together and my stomach is back to looking like it did pre-pregnancy. The compliments I’ve received have boosted my confidence immensely, and my girlfriends who thought I was crazy to spend more than twenty dollars on shapewear are now Wink converts. It was worth every penny, and I would recommend Wink to any woman, whether they’re pregnant or not- everyone deserves to look fabulou

Sincerely – Veralynn P.


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