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Jacquelyne’s Wink Story

Posted by Wink Admin on
I love the Wink shapewear it is SO worth the money. I have always had problems finding a belt that would make me look thinner but most of all comfortable. I have bought so many!! The ones from Wal-Mart roll down or up they make me look like I have more rolls and so uncomfortable. This belly band has everything in 1, comfortable didn’t roll down or up, you are still able to breathe, looks great and you can’t even tell you have it on. My clothes fit better as well no rolls! This also made my stretchy skin on my belly (due to pregnancy) be much firmer and I was amazed When I first put on my Wink belly band it was tight, now it’s too loose it has and made me lose a few pounds. My family and friends noticed the difference they thought I had lost 10lbs! Amazing! The Wink shapewear is the best out there I love it! I’d recommend this to anyone.
Jacquelyne Rivera

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