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Wink – The Best Shape Wear for a Post Baby Belly

Posted by Wink Admin on

Every woman wants to look and feel sexy in her life, I know I do but majority of the time I just feel fat and sluggish!! Being a mum is of course the most rewarding job you can possibly have, but finding ‘me’ time to help banish our baby belly is very difficult find! How on earth do we find the time but for a rigorous exercise regime, whilst working 24 hours a day being a mum? Well, let me tell you a little secret that I have found to be a God send-it’s called Wink!

Wearing a Wink garment helps the skin to retract and compress the uterus and in turn give you a flatter stomach. It will also provide the perfect support and comfort needed for after having your baby, and will also assist in reducing cramping during breast feeding. I really can’t wait until my own baby is born (any time soon) as I know that I will be wearing these garments straight away! I had my sister, who’s baby was born a couple of months ago, to try out some samples and she was so impressed with the results – I hope I get them back!!!

The Tummy Tucker Tank (£42.04) – This is a fab top to wear under other tops to give the look and feeling of a flatter and smoother stomach, or even on its own! The length of this tank is great for compressing the lower abdomen area and hips, whilst looking like a normal top to the undiscerning eye. A great top to give her a boost of confidence, with a superb slimming effect! You can wear it to work, out in the town, casually with a pair of jeans or even to the gym. It looks sleek, and will flatter every figure no matter what size! The material is smooth and highly comfortable, and it leaves you with no awkward flabby hanging bulges anywhere!! The Tummy Tucker is a winner in my eyes.

The Ultimate Belly Blaster (£84.08) – Yes this is more expensive that the above, but it’s so well worth every penny!! This offers not one, but TWO layers of the silky medical compression material that makes these Wink garment work so well. Just think, double the comfort/support, double the compression and double the smoothness! The belly blaster will offer the upmost support for those first 8 weeks of postpartum recovery and post abdominal surgery. What my sister likes most about this is that once on) which is rather tricky to do, but worth the effort!), it felt like her second skin and she was instantly a size smaller – oh yes, it actually works fantastically!!  She has recommended the Belly Blaster to many of her friends, and I know that I’ll be taking this straight of her once my bambino comes along! This features an adjustable length for different sized torsos and waist, and also 3 levels of eye and hook at the side and crotch for easy bathroom access.

The Everyday Nursing Shaper Tank (£48.50) – I love this top, as not only does it do a fine job at holding all in, but you can actually nurse your baby with ease too. This two layer nursing tank top comes with a built-in silky medical compression material underneath the cotton top. It’s fabulous to wear with jeans as it doesn’t in the slightest look like a shape wear top at all. The light cotton top and compression material extends below the hips, giving the much compression needed at the waist, belly and hips area. This nursing top helps support the uterus from cramping whilst nursing and therefore reducing pain. It’s a perfect top for those who want a tank to nurse in as well as the compression to get back in shape fast. To be honest, I have this packed in my hospital bag as I know I’ll be in it straight away after my baby is born. The thicker straps will cover my nursing bra easily, and the softness will be lovely for baby to cuddle into!


I honestly believe that Wink have hit the spot when it comes to making new mums look and feel good. I highly recommend everything about them, and think that the above garments should become something that every ‘new mum’ wardrobe should possess. Wink say: “When you know you look good and feel good about yourself, you glow. When you know you feel good about how you look, you gain confidence and feel ready to meet any challenges that come your way. We want to be your special, secret friend that makes you feel beautiful.”

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Posted by Emma Jones

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