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Wink Shape Wear Review

Posted by Wink Admin on


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About Them: Remember when you made a secret promise to a girlfriend? You would “pinky swear” and entwine little fingers to bind a deal and a pact. That is exactly what friends at Wink Shape-wear are doing for you. Wink is a woman-owned business and we want to be your partner and good friend when you want to look and feel your best! At Wink you will also benefit from gold star customer service to make sure you are delivered a superb product that you will be thrilled with for a very long time. When you know you look good and feel good about yourself, you glow. When you know you feel good about how you look, you gain confidence and feel ready to meet any challenges that come your way.

I got this awesome tank to review. I am a spaghetti strap nut, that I probably will never grow out of for sure. The one think I love about this shirt it is really long, mine will go passed the bum which is awesome. So hard to find shirts nowadays that will go past the pants enough when you bend over nothing shows. Not that I care, but my husband sure does. This has adjusting straps which can be handy depending what you wear underneath this. You can also do the whole this shirt and another shirt on top and have this one that is longer since this is so in right now! The quality of the shirt is perfect and very stretchy like. It is tight around the body since it is a shape-wear company, it helps me want to lose my muffin top since every time I look down I see it. This company has such a wide variety of tops. So many i wish I had, they are just so adorable. The quality of the clothing is just so perfect and washes great and no shrinkage at all!

Durability, presentation and ease of use.
Available information, customer service and promptness.
Attractiveness, style and price competitiveness.


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