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Wink Shape Wear

Posted by Wink Admin on

s a mom of two I know what pregnancy can do to your body. I know what its like to work to get back in shape, and I know exactly how long it takes to achieve that. Their is this in between time after you have baby where your not pregnant any more but you just haven’t quite got your belly back in shape. Where everything is just a little lumpy and bumpy. We all know about the mommy pooch at the bottom of your belly that never really seems to go away no matter how much you work. Wink has just made the pooch a little smoother. They have smoothed out the lumpy and bumpy. With the Wink ultimate belly & hip shaper. These are the key features of the ultimate belly and hip shaper:

  • It has two layers of silky medical compression
  • it extends above the waist and below the hip
  • It has six panels of Hook and eye closure for adjustment and tightening.
  • Thick wide band at the top and bottom to prevent the garment from rolling up or down
  • A seamless design allows band to be worn under clothing.
  • Comes in 3 sizes XS-S, M-L,XL-XXL
You can click hear to get it. the ultimate belly and hip shaper sells for $54.99 and comes in two colors black and nude. It is also suitable for all body types. This wonderful undergarment came to me two weeks a go. I pulled this contraption out of the package and I thought there is no way this stretchy piece of material is going to help me look any less lumpy and bumpy. I was anxious to give it a try and ran in to put it on. Ten minutes later me and the girls were headed to church. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have any issues with ultimate hip & belly shaper in the middle of church. I even gave it a real good test when I wore it to the park and chased the girls around for an hour. The slide the swings a game or two of tag, the teeter totter no matter what I did it stayed right where it was meant to. No slipping no bunching and no rolling. This is the first shapwear garment that I have ever wore that did not role up when I sat-down. The length is perfect, it comes from about the bottom of my ribs to an inch below my hip bones. It gives me a nice smooth even look that I love. The best part is my jeans are too big. I could probably go down a hole jean size If not for my thighs I could go down two sizes. I have to put a belt on just to keep my jeans up. It makes me look a lot smoother and slimmer in a dress too.


I would like to talk a bit about sizing I measured my waist hips and thigh like the sizing chart said. I used those numbers to determine what size to get. I believe I should have gotten a size smaller as it is as tight as it will go so If I louse any weight the shaper will be too big and I wont be able to use it any more. Sizes go as follows Extra Small/Small, Medium/Large and XL/XXL. I got the medium large due to my measurements when I was more of a small medium. I am apparently in between sizes, a Small/Medium would have been perfect for me if they would have come that way. It still fits me well (at least tell I louse weight :) , the ultimate hip and belly shaper does its job well, and gives me a very nice slimming look I defiantly louse some inches with it on. I can’t wait to try a pair of booty shaper shorts or the ultimate thigh blaster then I could go down two sizes in my jeans. I thought everyone would love to see some actual before and after pictures. If you notice in the after pictures my jeans are actually slipping off me a little.

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