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3 Ways To Be Resilient With Staying Healthy

Posted by Wink Admin on

It isn’t just a choice to be healthy, it’s an entire mind, body, and self change that you commit to on a daily basis.

Here’s three ways to be resilient to staying healthy – even if you fall off the bandwagon every now and then.

1. Know Your Strengths

If you’re good at, say, – scheduling things and to-do lists – then use that to your advantage.

Every day make out your list of what needs to get accomplished, but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t fit it all in in one day.

If you’re good at cooking, then stock your freezer with healthy meals or use a slow cooker often so that when you fly through the door starving, you can pop something in the oven and have a healthy meal rather than stopping off at a fast food restaurant because your hunger is calling.

Use your strengths to your advantage so that staying healthy becomes an easy way of life for you and your family rather than a chore.

2. Ask For Help

Working out five days a week, preparing healthy meals three times a day, and keeping your emotional balance in check can be absolutely overwhelming at times.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Join a club at your gym, or form one at your job.

If you don’t have a gym membership and you’d rather exercise outdoors then get a few friends or neighbors together and go for a walk after dinner or before work.

Surrounding yourself with supportive people also in to keeping healthy opens an array of doors for you – a shoulder to lean on, an ear to bend, recipe swaps, and coming up with new workouts to keep things fresh.

3. Stay Positive

Being healthy and staying healthy is a lifelong commitment and doesn’t happen overnight.

One must be constantly mindful and in the present moment to proactively make choices for the betterment of oneself.

If you miss a day or two or working out, don’t beat yourself up over it.

If you enjoyed a bigger-than-usual piece of cake, don’t hate yourself for a week.

Just get back on track tomorrow and hitch your trailer to the ‘positive wagon’ and let it bring your spirits back up.

About the author: Danielle is a blogger, article writer, and virtual assistant specializing in the parenting, pregnancy, family, health, lifestyle, small business, and social media areas. Visit her on the web at

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