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3 Stress Relievers For Busy Moms

Posted by Wink Admin on

As if you didn’t already know that being a mom is stressful – finding ways to cope and handle that stress is crucial to your emotional as well as your physical well being, both for you and your family.

Here are three ways to help you bust through the stress and be one peaceful mama.

1. Get Up Earlier Than The Rest Of The House

Trust me, I know you want and need your sleep – but I’m not saying get up six hours ahead of everyone. I’m talking more like twenty or thirty minutes earlier.

Not only will it allow you to start your day off not in a rush and feeling stressed, but you’ll be better prepared to take on the day and the kids just by having those few morning moments to yourself.

Enjoy a cup of coffee alone, make some tea and gaze out of the window, even just plop on the couch and soak in the silence.

Starting the day a calm mama is the best for everyone in the family.

2. Keep A Journal

Writing down your feelings and emotions – whether good or bad – is a free and simple way to clear yourself of the ‘mind clutter’ that tends to build up in us.

Feel free to keep more than one journal (one at home, one in the car, etc..) so that when you have a moment, you can fill the pages with whatever you’d like and let the stress flow away.

3. Find Yourself

What calms you? Painting perhaps, or maybe photography is your fancy?

Whatever it is that you like to do, find time to do it.

Not only will it let your creativity shine but it will keep you mindful and in the present moment and that alone is enough to calm any mama down.

About the author: Danielle is a blogger, article writer, and virtual assistant specializing in the parenting, pregnancy, health, family, and social media areas. Visit her on the web

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