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5 Tips For Dads In The Delivery Room

Posted by Wink Admin on

When delivery day comes, it always one of extreme excitement but there’s no doubt it’s also a hectic day as well.

And whoever is to be joining mom during the birth, needs to be just as prepared to welcome the new little one into the world as mom is.

To help with that, I’ve got five fantastic ways that dad can be right on the money during the labor and delivery of his little one.

1. Be There

This is so important for the laboring mother – she needs all those around her to be focused, present, and poised.

Labor and delivery is no time to argue and be distant, what’s needed is a strong support system and that includes you, Dad.

Do your own research on labor if this is your first child since all will be new to both you and the mama-to-be.

Know what to expect and what questions to ask so that you can be better prepared to handle the long hours ahead for your family.

2. Be Flexible

Sure you and your partner may have had the perfect labor plan in process but delivery day happenings can change in an instant.

It’s always better for the mother if her support system has a strong but swayable backbone in place so that you both can discuss and get through any surprises that may happen.

3. You Are The Cheerleader

Short of waving your pom poms around, you will be your partner’s biggest advocate and supporter.

Know your role and play it well.

Don’t be afraid to ask the doctor and nurses questions, second guess things, and encourage your partner to do what’s best for her and the baby (labor in a different position, for example), regardless if it goes against the plan you two had going into this big day.

4. Snap Away

Don’t forget to document the day with pictures and video.

This day will seem like it’s something you both will remember forever, and in a way it will be. But what you will forget are the little details like mom’s face through a contraction or the way the nurse or midwife is doing what they can to make the mother-to-be as comfortable as possible.

5. Go The Extra Mile

After your baby’s arrival, no doubt you both will be awestruck.

Let it all sink in (it never really does, by the way. I’m still in awe over the birth of my son) and a few days later, pick out a nice card for your partner or write her a thoughtful letter, maybe you get her a special gift straight from your heart.

This small gesture will go a long way with your partner and it will be appreciated forever.

Even a short, one-liner on the back of one of the birth photos stating your love and commitment to your family will pull at her heartstrings.

Everyone likes to be reminded of how loved they are, and now that your family has grown by one, what better time to reinforce your adoration for them?

About the author: Danielle is a freelance blogger who specializes in the health, wellness, pregnancy, family, parenting, and social media topic areas. Visit her on the web at

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