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3 Easy Feng Shui Tips To Make Your Home Your Haven

Posted by Wink Admin on

Destressing doesn’t have to be hard, use these three fantastic and easy feng shui tips to help make your home a more relaxing environment.

1. Keep It Simple

A cluttered home can oftentimes add to your stress.

If you have a lot of things in your home, take it one area at a time and start getting rid of the things you don’t use, haven’t used in a while, and otherwise have no need for.

If you look at your clutter as one big to-do, it can have the potential to overwhelm you and, in turn, discourage your cleaning up process.

Keep the whole process simple, one box and area at a time until you have your possessions under control.

Once the mess is out the door, a more relaxed state of mind is soon to follow.

2. Pay Attention To What Calls To You

Does a statue of Buddha make you instantly slow down?

Is lilac your favorite smell?

Will Vivaldi instantly put you in a relaxed state of mind?

After you’ve cleared your clutter, write down what you enjoy looking at, listening to, and breathing in – go out and find those things that appeal to you.

It’s important to create your home-life as harmoniously as possible.

Playing relaxing music in the background while you replace some mundane pictures with serene water scenes and creating a natural glow of light by placing scented candles throughout your house is an easy and inexpensive way to let the calm blanket your home.

3. Nature Is Calling

Feng shui loves nature, so don’t be bashful about bringing it into your home.

Think plants, flowers, a zen garden, a small water fountain, pretty colored rocks, and even crystals all have a fantastic reputation for helping one to let go of stress.

Play around with colors, textures, and patterns in nature that speak to you and invite those into your home in your own creative way.

About the author: Danielle is a freelance blogger who specializes in the areas of health, wellness, parenting, family, pregnancy, social media, and small businesses. To hire her or find out where else you can find her, visit her on the web at

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