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How Living In The Moment Makes You Healthier

Posted by Wink Admin on

Living in the moment means you’re aware of your here and now. You’re in the present moment fully and without prejudice.

This mindfulness and awakened state can absolutely make you healthier – and here’s how.

1. Being Present Slows You Down

You stop and smell the roses, you notice the little things you normally wouldn’t have, and you eat slower which helps your brain and stomach get on the same wavelength so you don’t overeat.

2. You’ll Want To Be Nicer All Around

You may take up meditation or yoga – whatever it is that you chose to partake in that makes you more present in the here and now will also aid in bringing out the better you.

You’ll be less frenzied, less hurried, less anxious, and more relaxed.

You’ll notice a newer you, a nicer you, and a more compassionate you – which, in turn, leads to a more healthier you all around.

3. You’ll Disconnect From All The Stress

Keeping yourself focused in the now, being mindful, and being 100% present all help you to turn inward and reexamine yourself more closely.

You’ll learn more about yourself. You’ll be able to finally realize what your triggers are that lead you to feel stressed and hurried. You can then overcome these triggers one by one and create a less stressful environment for yourself.

Once you identity your stressors, and as you rise above each one, you can then start to focus on rebuilding the new and healthier you.

Making healthier food choices will seem to come more easily than before, being in a calmer state of mind will seem to become the norm, and absorbing a more compassionate state of being will illuminate all that you do and everyone that you come in contact with.

Your whole vibe will help change you and those around you for the better.

About the author: Danielle is a freelance blogger, article writer, and virtual assistant who specializes in the small business, parenting, family, health, social media, and pregnancy topic areas. Visit her on the web at

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