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3 Super Simple Ways to Eat Healthier

Posted by Wink Admin on

Wanting to become healthier is always a wonderful first step in the right direction, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to change the way that you’ve been eating for the past few years (or even decades).

Here’s three simple ways to get you started eating healthier and on your way to a new you.

1. Start Small

If you ran through your cabinets and tossed away all junk food and replaced it with fruits and veggies, chances are you’re going to crave something sweet and with that craving comes the chance of falling off of your path to a healthier you.

So it’s best to start small. On your next trip to the market, purchase more fruits and veggies and incorporate them slowly into your daily lifestyle and activities.

Starting slow won’t feel as if your ‘dieting’, but rather that you’re teaching yourself to go for the healthier snacking options rather than obsessing over counting your calorie intake.

2. Portion Size

Do you really need to eat two helpings of mac-n-cheese? I think not. Understand portion control and listen to your body tell you when it’s finished eating.

Use your hand as a fantastic free guide in helping you to judge and stay on track with portion sizes – whether you cup your hand and estimate that way or you use your fist as your guide, it all equals out to about a cup.

3. Watch Your Attitude, Not The Scale

Adjusting your attitude to be one that’s more open and accepting to not only try new foods and snacking options but to want to become a healthier you is going to take you a long way on the road to changing your current lifestyle into a healthier one.

Research healthier meals options you can make yourself, research what becoming healthier means, and realize it all isn’t going to happen in a day.

A better and more healthier you always starts with you, your attitude, and your willingness to be accepting of all the benefits it provides to you.

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