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3 Things To Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Posted by Wink Admin on


Packing your bag to take with you when it’s time to head to the hospital to meet you little one can be a bit confusing if you’re a first time mom.

It’s easy to overpack and take a lot of things you won’t really need or use while you’re there.

Here’s three essential areas to concentrate on to better help you sort out your baby bag for the hospital.

1. Items for Yourself

Think bathrobe, body lotion, prescription meds, your toothbrush, hair ties, glasses and/or
contacts, snacks, and body wash.These may not seem so essential but, trust me, you’ll be very glad you have them with you while you’re in the hospital for those few days.

Also, don’t forget some comfy clothes for yourself - think loose-fitting pants and shirts and your favorite pair of slippers.

2. Items for Baby

Some hospitals give pacifiers and some don’t, so it’d be wise to take a few of your own if you plan on giving one to your new baby.

A few onesies should be packed as well and, if you plan on bottle feeding, then a couple bottles and some formula would be a good idea to take along.

It goes without saying that you should also have your baby’s car seat installed properly in your car and ready to take your baby home in as any hospital will not allow your child to be released without one.

3. Items for Your Partner

While you will be ecstatically enthralled with your newborn, don’t forget your partner's comfort as well.

Packing a few of their favorite books, magazines, snacks, and a change of clothes will be a life saver if they’ll be sleeping in the hospital with you and the baby.

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