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Tummy Tucker Tank Review

Posted by Tracy Sailors on

Here is a most recent review from Mikasa Beery of MommyPR (link to review here:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always worn camis. I like the way they smooth things out underneath form fitting clothes. After my triplet pregnancy (yay diastasis recti), I needed a little help in the smoothing-out department & I’m happy that Wink Shapewear reached out to me.  Wink Shapeware

Wink Shapewear’s garments are made with strong medical grade compression material, as well as the softest nylon available in the market. This helps in providing a high level of compression & comfort.

I tried their Tummy Tucker Tank, and I LOVE IT. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill compression tank. For starters, the tank is long enough that it sits below the hips. And with a sturdy band around the bottom, that keeps the tank from riding & bunching up, (which I’ve found to be a problem with competitive compression camis.) I’ve been able to comfortably wear this tank with my form fitting clothes. It does an EXCELLENT job compressing & smoothing the belly & hip line out. This is without a doubt, my newest staple in garment wear.

Compression Shirt

Their size guide is true to their garments & its important to follow it. They even state that if you are having any discomfort/pain, are unable to breathe normally, sit or get up, that you can contact them & they will get you the right size! With the garment, comes an instruction page for proper care. Letting you know that you pull the garment up by bunching it together, instead of digging your fingers into it which could tear/poke the fabric.

The Tummy Tucker Tank isn’t their only product. They have SO MUCH. Everything from Postnatal & Abdominal Surgery Recovery to Clothing; tops, bottoms, dresses & more.

Wink is a woman-owned business, and their mission is to be your partner & good friend in helping you feel your best. They’ve worked with doctors to bring the best compression material available. Wink takes great pride in offering you gold star customer service, to make sure that you are thrilled with their products. Because Wink knows how important it is, for us as women, to not only look good, but to feel good about it too!

Let Wink be your special, secret friend that makes you feel beautiful.

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