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Does Shapewear Work?

Posted by Wink Admin on

Read what one of our reviewers think of our shapewear! 

Link to article below:

Does Shapewear Work?

I was provided product to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

I just gave birth to my fourth child last week, which was wonderfully exciting! However, the downside of having carried and birthed four children is that your body takes a little bit of a beating. The amazing thing to me is how fast your body can heal and regain so much strength with a little work. No, it will never be exactly the same as pre-pregnancy, but it can get pretty close.

Besides doing kegels in the days following birth, I decided to try something new that I have never tried with any other pregnancy. I am trying out a belly wrap.


There are a couple reasons. First of all, I am using it to remind me to try to engage my abs whenever possible. Just pulling in your core can help tone it back up and strengthen those important muscles. Second, I am hoping it will help me heal my diastasis recti. I have a bit of abdominal separation, and I am hoping this helps heal it.

Wink shapewear sent me their new Belly and Hip Shaper. It is actually very comfortable and does not restrict my range of motion at all. I wear it under regular clothes, and it is completely unnoticeable. It is longer than the average band, and extends well beyond hip level. This length provides compression at the waist as well as the hips, helping you compress and tone belly and hips.

They use hook and eye closures on the side of the band that allows for adjustment and tightening as your size goes down. I have had no problems with quality or how it works. It is actually quite easy to put on and off, which is important when you have a newborn.

So, how does it work?

The band I received was almost too big for me when I first put it on. I had one more notch of closures to tighten it up to, and now I am on that last tightest size. I feel that it definitely does help me to maintain better posture and hold my abs tighter than if I was not wearing it. My core muscles are healing pretty quickly, so I think it is a product that is worth trying!

Post-pregnancy bodies can be hard to adjust to, and the Wink Belly and Hip Shaper helps you feel stronger, slimmer and tighter. Plus, I believe it really does work to help your core muscles heal and get stronger by reminding you to contract and pull them in.


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