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Building Body Image Confidence After Baby

Posted by Nicole Tong on

A woman looks her best when she feels her best, especially after having a baby. When a woman feels self-confident, an undeniable glow makes her more attractive, naturally drawing people toward her. Rebuilding this confidence with a post-baby body is completely attainable. This is the type of woman who lands her dream job because she is the type that employers want in their business. The interview process is the time to put out the best possible self, from the point of accepting the interview to shaking hands over salary negotiations. 

Begin at home

Making a positive appearance for an interview begins at home. Choose a well-fitting, non-revealing outfit that exudes professionalism while creating a comfortable feel. Many women have points of contention with a post-baby body, so choose the clothing that highlights assets while retracting from areas with issues. Use shapewear that works with the body type to highlight and hide in all the right places. Inspect the clothing for loose threads or flaws that must be fixed before the big day. Choose light makeup that isn’t overdone, but delicately creates a professional look. Finally, go easy on the perfume, if it is worn at all. A subtle scent dabbed on only one or two places is enough for an interview. Remember to use disposable pads in the bra, if breastfeeding, to prevent noticeable leaks.

Use an interview survival kit

The interview survival kit is a simple kit that stays in the car. It includes all the essentials to help freshen up before the appointment, and before walking into the building. It includes cotton swabs, deodorant, mouthwash, floss, lip gloss, tweezers, a small pair of scissors, a lint roller, wet wipes pre-soaked with stain remover, tissues, glue, and any other head-to-toe essentials necessary to make a woman feel her best. Grab the kit for touch-ups before entering the building. Some women prefer to use this kit at a convenient stop down the street from the place of interview. After using the kit, drop the cell phone into it and lock it in the car. 

Finding a career while in the early stages of motherhood leads to some unfavorable appearance flaws, such as a bit of spit up on an unforeseen shoulder or back. Check the outfit from front to back, and up and down, looking for any previously unnoticed remnants from your baby. Use a wet wipe to whisk away any surprise spots before your interview. Make sure to bring a two-pocket folder with no decoration to hold a resume and other relevant paperwork. 

Look confident

After freshening up and ensuring everything is in order, go into "interview mode" right away. Some employers have been known to notice interviewees as early as the parking lot, which is why women may freshen up in a nearby location, rather than the parking area. Hold your head high and enter the building with a smile. Greet the receptionist in a friendly, professional manner, then maintain a professional composure while waiting for the interviewer.

Stick to professional conversation during the interview; life at home may be consumed by baby, but a potential boss will need to know that mommies can pull away from the home life and focus on the job. From the beginning to the end, a professional appearance will help a woman look confident, and will help her gain positive ground with anyone she meets who already works for the company.

Confidence is an undeniable trait. Employers are going to choose the confident woman over others. She knows she can do the job, and she has the strength to handle daily pressures-- all while fulfilling her duties as a mom. Creating a confident look helps create a confident feel, and both will help land that dream job.

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