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4 Fantastic Baby Shower Gifts

Posted by Wink Admin on

Sometimes it can be hard shopping for the mother-to-be if you don’t agree with or understand everything on her registry.

It’s best to go with the essentials -- things that you know she and the baby will most definitely need and get good use of.

Here are four things that the future mama and her baby are sure to appreciate.

1. Pack-And-Play

Really, this piece of essential baby must-have is a lifesaver.
From infancy to over a year old, mama and baby will get so much use out of a pack-and-play that it’s a disaster not to have one.

Today’s models come with changing tables, bassinets, and even side cubbies to hold all of baby’s essentials.

And the fact that they now come in every color and pattern imaginable means that there’s one to
suit every mama’s fancy regardless of her baby’s gender.

2. Diapers

Another life saver -- diapers are so needed during every stage of a baby’s life.

Regardless if mama added these to her registry or not, getting her some will be greatly appreciated.

Try to stay within the newborn and size one range, this way she’ll have enough to get her started and then she can pick which brand works best for her baby’s needs.

3. Baby Monitor

These are usually always on a baby registry and they can range in price from affordable to luxurious.

Either way, a new mama will be a happy mama knowing that wherever baby is napping, she’ll be able to hear (and even watch) her baby to ensure that all is well and safe.

4. Baby Sling Or Carrier

Not every mom knows if she will babywear or not, that’s why it’s important to give her the option.

I wasn’t sure if I would wear my son, but boy did I. And having a sling to throw on and try right at my fingertips was a welcoming and appreciated baby shower gift.

Having options as a new mom is huge, and if she isn’t the babywearing kind, at least she was presented with the idea and the tools to be one if she so decided.
* The key with prepping new moms for their baby is to buy things that will help them on their journey into motherhood.
* If you’re an experienced mom, then you’ll automatically know what she’ll need. But if you’ve never had kids, then buying someone a baby shower gift can seem like dark waters to you.

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