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Guide to Finding the Perfect Red Lipstick

Posted by Wink Admin on

Lipstick may not be a part of your daily routine, but all girls should give it a go! When you think about it, people focus on lips a lot in daily life so why not dress your up? Lipstick is an incredible way of enhancing the beauty of your face make your pout stand out! Some girls feel as though they cannot rock the classic red lip look because the color does not work with their skin tone, all you need to do is tweek the color to fit you! 

  • Fair Skin: Coral/Red and Pink/Red lip colors tend to look better with lighter skin. The mix makes it so the color does not look like overpower or wash you out. When doing a red lip with lighter skin, the matt look is the best route. Gloss is not a no go however, it just looks more formal than casual.

  • Beige Skin: Classic/True Reds work best on beige skin tones. Beige skin tones however look amazing with the range of reds! The classic red is a striking look that instantly makes you teeth seem whiter and Cranberry and Cherry tones make for a timeless flirty look.

  • Olive Skin: Medium Skin tones work really well with the Brick lip colors. The more brown reds could wash out lighter skin tones and look have too much brown in the blend to compliment darker skin tones. The brown reds are a slightly less striking look, but add just the right amount of spark to make your lips stand out!

  • Caramel Skin Tones: This is the most versatile skin tone when choosing a red lip color. Take your pick from Coral/Orange Reds all the way to Wine color tones! Each individual color will highlight your skin tone in it own way. 

  • Dark Skin Tones: Its important not to pick a color that is too dark, avoid the Brick or Brown Reds. The Cranberry and Burgundy tones will be the perfect red to compliment the beauty of dark skin. 

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