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The Perfect Ombre Lip

Posted by Wink Admin on

Looking to be adventurous with your lip color? A new and booming trend in makeup is the Ombre Lip! By taking 3 of your favorite shades of lipstick you can create a totally unique and sexy pout.The gradient lip style can be achieved in a few simple steps! 

  • WHAT YOU NEED: 3 different shades of lip color that you think would look amazing blending with one another. A lipstick brush to use to blend. A popular choice is to use a darker Lip Liner and 2 lighter colors of lipstick.  

  1. Choose the 3 colors you would like to use. Make sure you use a Light, Medium, and Dark Shade. A popular choice is to use foundation over the clean lips to start with as pale of a shade as possible. Next completely line your lips with the darkest color or your choice or with your lip liner. 

  2. Use the Medium Shade to fill in your lips, leaving the center slightly lighter. Blend the outer lip line with the lighter medium shade using your lipstick brush.

  3. Take your lightest color and your Lipstick Brush apply to the center of your lips. Apply the lightest color until you have the look desired.

  4. Blend all Three colors and VIOLA, Ombre Lips!


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