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Too Hot??? 5 Indoor summer activities!

Posted by Wink Admin on

There have been some days this summer where temperatures have hit record highs. No one wants to have fun in the sun when it feels like the sun is being a bully. There are plenty of constructive and relaxing things to keep you preoccupied indoors this summer! Here are some of our favorite ideas!

1. Sit down and relax! Read that book you have been meaning to start, get lost in your imagination and mentally escape from the heat.  Or of course, you catch up on the latest celebrity gossip with your favorite magazine! 

2. Watch a movie from when you were a kid! Drown in nostalgia by watching one of your favorite flicks from when you were growing up! Re-live all of the amazing memories of when times were simpler and ignorance was bliss!

3. Pamper Yourself! Give yourself an at home mani and pedi, or search through the kitchen for detoxing and exfoliating home remedies like brown sugar and honey that when combined make an amazing facial scrub!


4. Start a new TV series! With all of the TV series that are so popular now, it is really hard to keep up with all the new entertaining story lines. There are many different avenues that put the access to all the best shows right at you fingertips. Use this time to relax, veg out and binge watch that show that you have been dying to get into.

5. Clean out your closet! It is time, the seasons are about to change and its time to make room for fall. Take the clothes you have grown out or tired of to your local Platos Closet or consignment store! You can exchange what you don't need for some cash or something new! You can also re-purpose your unwanted clothes and bring new life to your garments. Make that old over-sized button up or basic tee into a chic dress!


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