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Women’s Postnatal Clothing

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After you say goodbye to the baby bump, the skin on your belly may loosen and start sagging. Of course, this is not something that most of the new mothers want. The skin is very elastic and when you were pregnant, it stretches a lot. However, after the birth of the baby, it doesn’t have any purpose now. No matter if you went for a normal delivery or a C-section, you will have to fight this flab. The responsibilities of a new member in the family complete and a generally weaker body, doesn’t allow you to go the gym anymore. Moreover, you might be spending many sleepless nights that do not allow you to get up early in the morning and exercise.

In these conditions, postnatal clothing will be ideal for you. Doctors advise new mothers to wear very soft and comfortable clothes while they are adjusting to their new lifestyle and their body is recovering. If you wear postnatal garments at this time, you will ensure that among all the new responsibilities and change of schedule, you continue to look great. These garments are made of premium quality fabrics and designed in a special way. These clothing place mild pressure on the belly and helps it come back to normal shape.

The clothing is available in many shapes, sizes and types. You can wear belts and girdles that focus only on your abdominal area. You can also opt for upper torso shapewear that extend all the way from the upper ribs to the lower abdomen. They are good to be worn when you have to go out. If you don’t feel comfortable with belts, you can use compression corsets. These are normally worn around the hips and provide more comfort than belts. Though you should be careful about sitting and standing and ensure that you feel comfortable and you don’t feel awkward.

If you don’t want restricted movements or want that to get full support on the upper body, you can wear compression tanks as well. The best part about such compression clothing is that they provide support to the body and are normally not rough on the skin. Moreover, they can be used by women who have just gone through a C-section. They do not interfere with the natural healing process of the cut, nor do they put undue pressure on the belly. This helps you in recovering faster and you can wear them for everyday comfort.

Over the compression clothing, you can wear comfortable and softer cotton clothes. Cotton will help your skin breathe. Moreover, skirts and one-piece dresser should be your best pals at this time. Wear A- shape dresses that give space to your belly. In general, do not opt for clothes that are too tight at the abdomen. Refrain from too tight fitting skirts and jeans.

There is one very important aspect that gets missed out in clothing to be worn postpartum and that is your bra. Don’t wear your old bras now and wear only nursing bras. If you have boobs that sag too much, you can even use breast belts so that they do not sag. Overall, focus more on comfort and add a hint of style to look like a perfect new mom.

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