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Ann’s Wink Story

Posted by Wink Admin on

I just gave birth to my third baby 10 days ago, and have been wearing the ultimate Wink 2X Blaster. I couldn’t even put it on when I was in the hospital, but as of 4 days ago (only 6 days postpartum) I already have it on the tightest setting. I can even see my abdominal muscles! I saved my measurements from after my second baby 2 years ago taken a month after she was born, and I’m already smaller 10 days postpartum than I was a month after my second baby. I know that Wink has had much to do with this! I love wearing the garment. It is so comfortable and soft that I don’t mind wearing it to bed at all. It washes up so nicely. I wish I had found out about Wink earlier with my other babies. I started wearing Wink garments around 6 weeks after my second baby when I found out about them. I think I would have lost inches much more quickly (like I am now) if I started wearing them sooner. Thank you so much!

Ann Werner

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