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6 Ways To Diet Healthier

Posted by Wink Admin on

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

There’s a reason breakfast is considered the most important meal of your day.

A healthy breakfast starts your entire day off the healthy way – giving your body the nutrients, minerals, protein, and fuel needed to get you through the rest of the day.

If you start your day off eating right, chances are, you’ll make better food choices throughout the day as well.

2. Leave Out Carbs When You Can

If you’re dieting, carbs are one of the things you should be watching.

If you have a choice (and you always do), leave the carbs out.

Choose a veggie over potatoes – have eggs with fruit – you get the picture.

3. Be Mindful Of Your Sugar Intake

Tons of foods have added sugars and salt content in them.

Learn to read your labels and watch for hidden additives.

4. Watch Your Soups

Soups can be a great option to include when you’re dieting, just be sure to choose broth bases rather than cream ones.

The cream adds fat and sodium.

5. Everything On The Side

All dressings for salads – on the side.

All dips for veggies and fruits – on the side.

If it’s on the side, you have the ability to control how much of it you ingest which keeps you in control of your diet.

6. Watch Your Snacking

That’s not to say you can’t snack while dieting, you most certainly can.

The key is to snack smart.

For example: opt for veggies, plain nuts, and hummus rather than a granola bar.

About the author: Danielle is a freelance blogger, article writer, and virtual assistant who specializes in the parenting, family, health, lifestyle, pregnancy, small business, and social media areas. Visit her on the web at

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