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6 Easy Changes That Can Help Lead To Weight Loss

Posted by Wink Admin on

1. Get Up During Commercials

Enjoying your favorite show? No big, just get up when the commercials come on.

Walk around the house, go up and down the stairs, etc.

Getting up during commercials can burn an extra 270 calories – which has the ability to help you lose up to 28 pounds a year.

2. Increase Your Daily Activity

This can be done very easily by parking far away from your destination and walking more.

Decide to take the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator.

Crank up your favorite dance songs and recreate the famous Flashdance scene in your room.

3. Wear A Pedometer

Even if you aren’t into counting your steps, wear one anyway.

Not only are they affordable and easily accessible, but keeping one on your person will make you more aware of your physical activity each day.

4. Brown Bag It More

Wherever you’re going, bring your own food.

Be it lunch at work, a meeting, even a mom’s outing – always have something nutritious and healthy on you to eat and drink so you are in control of what you’re putting into your body.

5. If You’re A Coffee Drinker…

Brew your own rather than ordering it from a coffee house.

Just a plain ole cup o’ joe with milk and sugar has a substantial drop in fat and calories than any kind of coffee drink you’d get at a coffee house.

6. Get Your Sleep

Regardless if you can function on five hours of sleep, you should be resting your body for a full seven hours at night, eight is even better.

When we aren’t fully rested, it’s easier for us to make unhealthy choices when it comes to food and staying healthy.

About the author: Danielle is a freelance blogger, article writer, and virtual assistant who specializes in the areas of small business, health, lifestyle, parenting, family, pregnancy, and social media. Visit her on the web at

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