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3 Easy Ways To Help You Get Pregnant Faster

Posted by Wink Admin on

When you’re trying to conceive, your patience can wear thin.

You’ve waited your whole life to become a mother and it may feel like it’s taking too long to make that dream a reality.

While it’s no secret that eating right, staying active, and taking care of yourself will help you on your road to parenthood there are other ways that you can help increase your odds for getting pregnant.

We’ve got three of them we think you should know about, read on.

1. Visit Your Doctor

When you and your partner are ready to start your family you should schedule a well visit exam with your primary care physician and gynecologist for a preconception session.

You’ll want to give yourself and your partner the best chance possible to conceive quickly.

Visiting your doctors will let you have a complete physical and you can then inform them that you’re trying to get pregnant.

Your doctors will go over any questions you may have, tell you if your health isn’t up to par, and point you in the right direction for a healthy pregnancy.

Be sure to bring a list of concerns and questions with you to each doctor’s appointment and schedule a long enough visit so that you aren’t rushed through your information time and physical.

2. Get In Tune With Yourself

If you take time to get to know your body then you’ll be able to better determine when you’re ripe for baby-making.

You’ll want to watch your cervical mucus and track your periods to better predict when you’ll be ovulating.

It will take some time to become acquainted with and research all the various methods available to you in order to best estimate your fertile periods of the month.

These can include ovulation predictor kits, a BBT thermometer, and fertility kits.

Do your online research and speak with your doctor on any topic or test that you’re unsure of.

3. Cut Out The Bad Stuff

You already know that smoking, drinking, and leading an unhealthy lifestyle can impact you and your partner’s fertility, but don’t forget other factors such as stress, anxiety, and fatigue that can also alter your chances for conceiving.

Telling yourself to relax and wait it out is easier said than done, but if you and your partner work yourselves up and stress each other out over trying to start a family then no one wins.

Better that you take it one day at a time, take care of yourself both mentally and physically, and let the baby dust work its magic for the both of you.


About the author: Danielle is a freelance blogger, article writer, and virtual assistant who specializes in the parenting, family, pregnancy, health, wellness, social media, and small business topic areas. Visit her on the web at

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