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3 Ways To Ditch Your Emotional Baggage

Posted by Wink Admin on

The weight of emotional baggage can be overwhelming, here’s three fantastic ways to let it all go and face the future with a healthier outlook.

1. Guilt and Regret – Tell em’ to hit the road

Coulda, woulda shoulda – dump the negative ‘what if I’ thinking and let yourself accept that what happened, happened.

Take the experiences and learn from them, whether they are failed romantic relationships, troubled family units, or even work friendships gone sour.

Write down what you feel went wrong in the above situations and then also write down what went right or what you liked about the situations.

It may also help you to write a letter to the person or situation that you harbor the guilt and regret for – get all of your feelings out and then burn the letter – symbolically letting go of your guilt and regrets.

This ‘writing & burning’ is an exercise that can be done more than once for the same situation if you feel it warrants that kind of attention and it can also be done to anything/anyone in the future that makes you feel guilty or regretful.

The writing of the letter and the burning of it is a catharsis for your pent up emotions so they no longer possess such ownership of you.

2. Quench Your Anger

Being angry all the time is exceptionally draining, don’t you agree?

Anger is such a burden to bear that even when we are simply around angry people we tend to become irritable and moody ourselves.

When your anger overtakes you, first know that it’s okay to be angry, just don’t let it consume you – you be in control of it and of yourself.

It may benefit you to keep an ‘anger journal’ – write what upsets you down in it, as time passes and you reread your entries chances are you’ll find what you thought was upsetting at that particular time really wasn’t anything that needed to consume you on such a personal level.

Which brings us to a very important point, anger is an exceptionally personal response to your external situations.

When you’re angry with anyone or any situation, understand that the one who hurts the most is you. You have the ability to choose how you’ll react to people and situations – choose love over anger always, your mental state will thank you.

3. Tell Stress To Take A Hike

Seriously – go out in nature when you’re stressed, anxious, or worried. It’ll take your mind back to the present and help you understand that being grounded in the present moment is all we ever have as a sure deal.

What happens tomorrow, a week from now, etc. is totally out of your control so attempting to pave your road ahead of you is futile.

Instead, focus your energy on the now – take a few deep breaths and cement yourself in the present moment for it’s all you’ll ever be able to control.

About the author: Danielle is a freelance blogger who specializes in the areas of health, wellness, parenting, family, pregnancy, social media, and small businesses. To hire her or find out where else you can find her, visit her on the web at

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