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4 Ways To Love Your After-Baby Body

Posted by Wink Admin on

It’s easy to feel like your body will be not your own after you’ve delivered your child. But, trust me, that’s not the case. Your body just went through some major changes, don’t forget that it did create, grow, and nourish a human being for nine months. That warrants some huge body overhauling if you ask me, and I think that some women tend to forget that fact.

Nevertheless, if you’re wondering how to fall back in love with your mommy-shape after your little one has come along, here’s five ways to help you get started.

1.​ ​Compare​ ​Thee​ ​Not

Seriously, stop looking to others to validate your own body image. You are uniquely you - every shape, curve, and stretch mark has its own story and you should be proud that they’ve decided to choose you to bestow themselves upon.

Every woman’s body takes to carrying and delivering a child differently. Some are able to bounce back quicker thanks to their shape or their genetic makeup, while it can take others a little longer to regain what they used to be. And yet still, there are some female bodies that completely transform into something entirely different. And that’s just fine - embrace your physique for what it did (create a human being), not for what you think it should be doing.

2.​ ​Focus​ ​On​ ​Your​ ​Power

If you’re that unhappy with your post baby body, then assess where your power lies. If you know you have an hour of free time while your baby is napping, and you really want to squeeze in some exercise, then toss in a TaeBo DVD or flip on the fitness channel and get to steppin’.

There’s no rule saying you have to finish the DVD - even twenty minutes of exercise will set you on the road to loving your body. You also hold complete power over what you choose to nourish your body with. This means choosing veggies over chips for a midday snack rests entirely in your hands. It may be easier for you to harness your powers by creating a weekly meal planner, or sticking to your grocery list like it’s your job, even keeping a food diary so that you can assess where your cravings and weaknesses are.

You know you best, so plan out your power areas and make them work in your favor rather than against you.

3.​ ​Compliment​ ​Yourself Literally and figuratively - all day, everyday.

If you’re having a good hair day, tell yourself so. If you tried a new lipstick and the color fits with your skin shade awesomely, pat yourself on the back for a pick-out well done.

Alternatively, if you know you’re a good drawer, then buy yourself a fancy new sketchbook and get to shading. Positive thoughts can do wonders for your self-esteem, so go ahead and think yourself beautiful everyday.

4.​ ​Surround​ ​Yourself​ ​Positively

Don’t allow negativity to consume you - pluck out the positive people around you and put in the effort to keep them close to you. It’s no secret that misery loves company, so don’t fall into its trap. If other mamas are always complaining about their post-baby body and all their extra weight, then move on, mama.

Find those people that are going to help you foster a better relationship with yourself and raise your self-esteem higher. You are a life-giving force on so many levels, and you should be treating yourself as such.

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