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4 Pregnancy Symptoms No One Tells You About

Posted by Wink Admin on

It’s normally a lovely time, pregnancy. You’re growing a life inside you, you and your partner can’t stop picking out things for the baby’s room -- but pregnancy isn’t always fun.

Sometimes there can be some not-so-pretty side effects going on and we think you should know about them. Here are four of them.

1.​ ​Discharge

Your body will be reacting to lots of different hormones over the next nine months, and some of those hormones will create reactions in various places throughout your body. One spot may be your womanly parts. You may find yourself having an increase in vaginal discharge which may result in the need for you to wear a panty liner to keep your underwear clean and dry.

This is nothing to be alarmed about and you can blame an increased flow in hormones and your overall blood volume for the excess discharge.

2.​ ​Gas​ ​

And​ ​Lots​ ​Of​ ​It. Your intestines are on the slow side while you’re pregnant. Again, it’s all those new hormones to blame. You could become rather constipated as well as have a lot of flatulence, but that isn’t always the case. You may just feel the need to pass gas a lot and that’s fine - it’s a normal side effect of pregnancy.

3.​ ​Snoring

Even if you’ve never snored a day in your life, you may sound like a foghorn while you’re pregnant. Your nasal passageways can become swollen and blocked from all the excess mucus and fluid your body is producing, thus making you more stuffed up than you’ve ever been. Looking for some relief? Run a hot air humidifier at night in whatever room you’re sleeping in. 

You can also try a few saline drops in each nostril every four hours. Invest in a sturdy but comfy pillow to sleep on while pregnant, being propped up somewhat will help the excess fluid drain downward rather than collect in your nose.

4.​ ​Sweating

You may be have been the type of person who is always cold until you became pregnant -- now you’re always warm and/or sweaty. You may even be sweating in places you didn’t know you could sweat off of on your body.

Considering that your metabolism is in overdrive compensating for two and your blood volume has doubled since you’ve become pregnant, this excessive sweating is simply your body’s way of cooling itself off. You may not appreciate it, but your body is just doing its job. Find a good antiperspirant that you like and dust yourself with some baby powder. That’s really all you can do until you deliver.

* All these symptoms will come and go throughout your entire pregnancy, so some may be more severe all the time or some may disappear entirely or you may be stuck with them throughout the entire nine months. * If anything gets out of control, contact your doctor right away and let them know your symptoms. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction for finding help.

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