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4 Ways To Keep The Romance Alive With A Newborn

Posted by Wink Admin on

Perhaps romance is the last thing on your mind after you’ve just gotten settled with your newborn. But that doesn’t mean you should forget about how you and your partner came to having this baby in the first place.

No one likes to be neglected or have their needs pushed to the side, so keeping your romance alive shouldn’t be the last thing on your to-do list after the baby is born.

Here are four easy ways to make sure the both of you reconnect and take time to appreciate each other as a united team.

Date​ ​Night

A simple notion, yes, but a powerful one.

Having a night devoted to just the two of you will allow the both of you to reconnect with each other on a more intimate emotional level, discuss things other than your newborn, and be a reminder that you both still have butterflies in your stomach for each other.

If the thought of leaving your newborn home with a babysitter bothers you, then opt for a family member. You’re more liable to place your trust in your mother or mother-in-law than you are with a stranger or a teenager.

Take​ ​Advantage​ ​When​ ​Baby​ ​Is​ ​Sleeping

Newborns sleep - a lot. So take advantage of this quiet time by cuddling with each other on the couch or even going a nice peaceful stroll while your baby sleeps in her carriage.

Listen to each other, hold hands, and use the quiet time wisely to focus on one another.

Just​ ​Because

Let’s reminisce for a moment here - remember when you and your partner first got together? When calls, emails, and your time was spent doing things for one another just because? Get back to that place.

The just because doings are what helped foster your love in the first place, and the last thing you want to do is forget how your love and admiration for each other started.

Buy your partner a card, bring home fresh flowers, or even cook dinner for one another - just because. It may sound tedious, but how nice would it be to have a full dinner planned, prepped, shopped for, cooked, and cleaned up without you lifting a finger?

If more non-traditional things bring your closer then consider giving your partner a massage or making them a craft of some kind.

Even having the laundry washed, dried, folded, and put away is a huge thank-you when there’s a newborn around.

Even leaving Post-It notes around for your partner to find will bring a smile to their face, and it’s a nice reminder they’re appreciated.

You know what your partner likes, so start planning a just because and put your own intimate twist on it.

Reconnect​ ​For​ ​5​ ​Minutes​ ​Daily

Taking five minutes to reconnect daily doesn’t sound like it can do a lot, but if the five minutes is a five minute hug and kiss - it can be very uplifting and intimate.

Use the five minutes on each other - a few long and sensual kisses and touches tell your partner, in no uncertain terms, that you’re both still attracted to each other, the love is still there, and you still desire them. T

hat feeling of being wanted and needed, even with such a big distraction as a new baby, cements your strong bond to each other - and all couples need that loving reminder.

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