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2 Effective Ways To Handle Temper Tantrums & Meltdowns

Posted by Wink Admin on

They’re a big to-do - those temper tantrums and meltdown our kids throw at us.

Regardless if we’re at home or out in public, not only can they be embarrassing but they’re gravely distracting and unpredictable.

Knowing how to handle your children when their meltdown comes on is your key defense in stopping it in its tracks.

Here are two great ways to handle any tantrum your children wants to throw at you.

1. Your Attention

Please Not to say that every child throws a tantrum in order to receive your attention, but it’s always a part of their bigger plan.

So give it to them, but in the right way. Yelling or getting upset isn’t going to help the situation. And ignoring them will likely make it even worse. Put yourself in their place, do you like to be ignored?

What your child needs when they reach their boiling point is your love.

So stoop down to their level, wrap your arms around them and give them a hug. Listen to why they’re upset and tell them you love them.

Not only will that calm them down, but it allows them to understand that you’re not going to react the same way they are. You are the one in control of this tantrum, not them.

Understand that they are mad, and to them - their point is extremely valid even though it may seem trivial to you.

So keep calm, bend down, and let them cry and be mad. Your main objective is to stay calm, collected, and strong as a rock.

Your demeanor will always directly affect theirs, so if you’re in control and calm it will automatically calm them down as well.

And then you two can work on a solution to whatever the problem is. Perhaps you get them the toy they want or the pack of gum they’re asking for in exchange for an earlier bedtime.

You know your children best, so come to a mutual agreement and watch how their reaction changes according to your reaction to them.

2. Always Be Two Steps Ahead

Being proactive when it comes to your children can help keep any meltdowns under control.

If you have a laundry list of items to get at the market but know that your child hasn’t napped today, then you can accurately predict that there will be some crankiness in store for you.

So maybe you skip the market and get another errand done, or leave the kids with a sitter so they can nap while you shop. And don’t forget, there’s always online shopping as well.

If you must get something done and think it might spark a meltdown then bring distractions for your kids. Pack some of their favorite toys in your bag, bring along some snacks and drinks, maybe even let them play a game on your phone while you finish your errand.

Since no other knows your children like you do, you are the perfect one who can predict their reactions to things.

Planning accordingly will be your best defense for making your day go smoothly when your kids are attached to your hip.

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