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4 Of The Best New Year Resolution

Posted by Wink Admin on

With a new year, comes a new start.

If you’ve been wanting to become a better parent but weren’t sure where to start, we’ve got you covered.

Here are four of the most effective resolutions to make to help your family come together even closer than they are.

1. Make A Promise To Love Yourself

You can’t give your family all you’ve got if you yourself aren’t striving to be the best you you can be.

Stop being too harsh on yourself, let the judgemental thoughts float away, and resolve in 2013 to love you - with all your flaws, faults, and troubles.

This includes some self-loving everyday, eating well, getting enough rest, and slowing down to enjoy the little things and details of an average day.

2. Love Your Partner Some More

Yes, we know you love them - but we want you to find ways to love them some more, this includes showing them you love and appreciate them within your life and as an integral part of your family’s makeup.

A happy family is one where everyone involved in the family unit is putting in an equal share of commitment, love, and sacrifice. And it’s especially important for you as parents to genuinely love and appreciate one another - your kids will notice your relationship as parents as well husband and wife.

So always be conscious of how you and your partner are treating and interacting with each other. If there must be arguments, agree that you two will sort them out away from the children.

3. Stay Connected To Each Other

Just because we’re in the age of smartphones, tablets, the Internet, and laptops doesn’t mean that it’s okay to not have actual conversations and family meetings and outing with your family unit.

Set time restrictions on technology, go outside and play an extra long game of soccer together, and eat dinner together as a family every night.

Know what’s going on in each other’s lives - this is especially true if you have middle school and high school students as they tend to want more privacy.

Keep in touch with your kids’ teachers, email and/or meet with them regularly for updates on their progress and actions in school.

4. Realize Your Kids Are Watching You Always

Even when you think they’re not - they are, trust me.

So keep this in mind when dealing with others and each other.

In 2018, resolve to be a more present parent - be hyper-aware of your own actions so that your kids pick up the goodness that you have to give rather than the aggression and moodiness.

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