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3 Things You Usually Don't Hear About Labor

Posted by Wink Admin on

We’ve all heard stories or read articles about childbirth, but I’m willing to bet that there’s some things that you’ve never heard about.

Whether moms find them embarrassing or we simply just forget to pass them on as details when we talk about our own births, either way they have the ability to happen during childbirth.

Here are three things that usually fail to make their way into labor and delivery conversations.

1. You May Vomit

Regardless if you have a natural or medicated childbirth, there’s a good chance that you may vomit during the whole ordeal.

Not only is labor nerve wracking but it’s also painful, the vomiting can be attributed to the physical pain that you’re feeling, a reaction to any meds that you’ve been given, or even just your body’s nerves acting up.

2. You May Have A Bowel Movement

Yes, it’s true, mamas.

There is a good chance that you will have a bowel movement while you’re in labor.

As your child is descending down the birth canal, they put a lot of pressure on your rectum and your body simply handles it it the only way it knows how -- it lets things out.

Rest assured that hospital staff as well as midwives have seen and been through this stage many times before, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed or anxious about it.

It will be dealt with normally and naturally and you’ll all move on from the experience unscarred, trust me.

3. Weird Actions Appear

Labor is hard and you may make sounds that you never knew you could.

Your emotions will be all over the place and they may result in crying, screaming, anger, teeth chattering, and even silence.

We all react to pain, excitement, and exhaustion differently and you may see a side of yourself that you’ve yet to experience and may never again until your next labor and delivery.

You may also feel like ripping your clothes off and being naked.

It’s really an ‘anything goes’ environment during labor. Just remember that your nurses and/or midwives have heard and seen it all before and they’re trained not to take your nastiness, weird sounds, or emotional levels seriously unless they become a danger to you or your baby.

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