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How To Throw An Eco Friendly Baby Shower

Posted by Wink Admin on

Throwing a green baby shower doesn’t have to be tedious, in fact it’s quite simple to do - the key is planning ahead and coming prepared.

Here are three tips to help get your planning and ideas rolling.

Cutlery And Such

It kind of goes without saying that to have a green baby shower, disposables shouldn’t even be considered. So don’t even think on them.

Have guests eat off of pretty dishes accentuating the baby’s gender, if the sex is a surprise, then pastel yellows and greens will work best.

Same goes for your glasses, cutlery, and tableware - a quick trip to your local craft store can ignite a frenzy of decorating ideas that can turn an ordinary linen napkin and boring stainless steel fork into an eye-catching display for the mama and baby-to-be.


Leave the balloons at the party store and think green instead.

Pretty soy based candles can present themselves as lovely decorations and centerpieces. Have each guest take them home at the end of the party.

Also, someone you know has an awesome garden that’s willing to share its beauty. Cut lovely flowers from a garden and arrange them around the candles and the room for some super pretty decorating.

Use clothespins to hang multi-colored onesies and socks around the room and tables, then mama-to-be can just take them home and get them ready for her baby.

Forget the guestbook, great keepsakes from the event can include an organic t-shirt or pants that everyone who attends the shower can sign, this way mama and baby get to continuously be reminded of all those who shared in their special day whenever the outfit is worn.


For the ultimate eco-friendly invite, sending an evite is your best bet. You have numerous websites to choose from, you can decorate the event how you’d like, and all you need is the attendees’ email address. Super easy.

For those who want to send something papery, think along the lines of plantable invitations. Most paper companies are now offering paper goods that are infused with seeds of every kind - from flowers to fruits to veggies, all the recipient has to do is pick a spot in the ground and plant the paper. In a few weeks, beauty shall sprout and the paper will dissolve into the soil and help fertilize the seeds.

Going green for a baby shower is easy and can be super inexpensive if you plan it out correctly. Enlist the help of your friends and family in the planning, more thinking brains means more ideas that can be applied to celebrate the mama and new baby

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