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Health Benefits Of Being Pregnant

Posted by Wink Admin on


Oh yes, there’s health benefits to carrying a child. Some of us are familiar with them and others are not. Here are five health benefits of pregnancy that may or may not surprise you.

Eating​ ​Disorders

While not every woman that has an eating disorder will cease their behavior, an astonishing 58% of women who suffer from bulimia saw either a whole or partial remission of their disorder.

Growing a child inside you has the ability to affect a woman’s psyche and their self-worth. Some pregnant women with eating disorders immediately shift their focus off of themselves and onto that of their unborn child, thus helping them to overcome their eating disorder for the time being - and sometimes altogether.

Way to go, ladies.

Pregnancy​ ​can​ ​help​ ​your​ ​marriage

While this isn’t always true since it can also break up some marriages, for those marriages where both parties want a child, then pregnancy is a great time to work on your marriage, each other, and to get ready together to bring this child into the world.

Plus you’ll both be happier within your marriage if you’re happy with each other. This happiness is good for all involved - from lowering blood pressure to raising self-esteem, happy marriages and couples are healthier overall.

And happiness and contentment within the environment that your baby will be born into, means the world to the new baby that gets to enter into all the love.

Autoimmune​ ​symptoms​ ​improve

Your autoimmune system is responsible for such diseases as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriasis.

During pregnancy, the mother’s immune system needs to back down a bit and develop a tolerance as to not attack the growing fetus. Therefore, the above diseases also tend to go into partial (and in some cases, total) remission while you’re pregnant since your immune system is put on somewhat of a vacation during your pregnancy.

→ The above examples aren’t true for every pregnant woman and shouldn’t be taken as sound medical advice.

→ Always listed and seek the advice of your doctor during all aspects of your pregnancy.

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