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Five Fantastic Gifts For New Moms

Posted by Wink Admin on

I know that I can’t be the only one who has pondered what to get a new mom. And you’d think the decision would be an easy one considering I was a new mom at some point.

I know that mom just got tons of baby shower gifts, but after all her hard work bringing her baby into the world, any new mom would be delighted to receive a heartfelt surprise from a good friend.

Nevertheless, for those of us who relish raining sunshine down a mom who has just delivered, here are five wonderful and thoughtful gifts that we know she’ll just adore.

1. Think Pandora

These bracelets have gone from ‘what’s that’ to ‘I need more charms’ overnight.

You can start off your new mom’s collection-o-charms by supplying her with the bracelet and the baby’s birth charm.

From there, friends and family can join in the charm fun by adding to her wrist when they see fit.

It’s a guaranteed to put a smile on her face.

2. Spa Treatments

Being a new mom can be stressful, and having a gift certificate for a spa day can be a welcoming Zen for her.

She can use the certificate when she sees fit and I’m sure she’ll be thinking of you as she’s enjoying a relaxing massage.

3. Go Digital

Displaying your baby’s photos has never been easier now that the world has caught on to digital frames.

Your new mama friend can simply upload all of her photos onto the frame’s memory card and viola!

Tons of baby and family pictures all in one place and continually rotating. Any mom’s dream!

4. Hand Print Maker

They have so many options in this area nowadays.

You can get one to hang on the wall, or one that you can display on a shelf in baby’s room.

There’s also options that include adding the parents’ hand prints as well.

No more forgetting how tiny those little hands and feet were!

5. Parenting Books

Think along the lines of the “What to Expect’ series.

If you have a mom that’s into Attachment Parenting techniques, there’s a book for that.

Or perhaps you go with a funny ‘now that you’ve become a parent’ book.

You have endless choices to consider and your new mom will love reading up on what she has to look forward to as her little one grows.

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