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Maintaining Your Beauty & Body During Pregnancy

Posted by Wink Admin on

Although pregnancy is perhaps the greatest experience in the life of every woman - in this period, the body goes through a series of changes that proper care can certainly alleviate.


The body of future mom is influenced primarily by hormonal changes that can affect the skin, hair, weight and figure. That is why pregnant women in this period need special care. Experts recommend special treatments that can work in many well-equipped lounges for many years.


Stretch Marks Prevention


Pregnancy stretch marks usually appear in places where the skin is stretched due to the increase in the volume of the body. Even if pregnant women gains only minimum weight the volume of her body increases and as a consequence some women experience these unpleasant changes that occur in the skin of the thigh, abdomen, groin and breasts. Cause these scars are elastic fibers in the skin that are not able to always follow the rapid expansion there is a slight, but painless stretching and cracking of the skin.


To prevent this it is necessary to preventive care. Risk areas - stomach, breasts, hips - lubricate daily special emulsions or creams based on essential oils, fruit acids, vitamin E, calendula, olive and almond oils, soy protein extract, chestnut, lavender. It is desirable that these products apply morning and evening after showering. Rub them a little more until the skin turns red for the cream to better absorb, and cause in-depth reaction. Increased circulation strengthens the collagen fibers in the skin and thus make it more elastic and save it from unpleasant and permanent damage. In addition to proper care to avoid the appearance of stretch marks, it is important to pay attention to nutrition. Foods rich in vitamins E and C and minerals, especially zinc.


Overweight Prevention


In this period it is most important to eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and thus satisfy the need for vitamins and minerals. It is very important to reduce your intake of sweets and juices. During pregnancy weight is checked regularly. During this period women should gain weight from 25 to 35 lbs and everything is over is not good. It is important to note that losing overweight in beauty salons should be avoided because it is commonly performed with incentives appliances and heating, which are not recommended during pregnancy.


Soothe swollen body


Usually, during pregnancy women will experience swollen feet, hands, face and the entire body. It is quite embarrassing and can impede the end of pregnancy. First of all it is important to consult your gynecologist, but also the proper diet will help a lot in preventing swelling. Avoid spicy and strong flavored dishes. Massage or lymphatic drainage can also be very helpful. There are specially designed pumps that can stimulate body to get rid of excessive liquid and toxins. By massaging the face swelling and dark circles may disappear. 


Facial Care


There is no reason that a woman with a normal pregnancy can’t continue with the usual care of the face. Recommended treatments are these done by manually by hand, and of course it is important to adjust treatments to skin type, or needs, and with natural substances. Beauty treatments will help facial skin to maintain suppleness, moisture and elasticity. It is also the best way to remove facial puffiness, as well as acne or some other unwanted change.


Gestational spots and stains


It is known that in this period facial skin sometimes gets maternity stains and spots. If you noticed these changes on your facial skin you should immediately seek professional assistance. These changes can be prevented with special creams for depigmentation. Patches may also be influenced by the hormonal reacting and can’t be prevented, but after birth special care may be removed.




Waxing is best to work in a salon that has a cold wax strips. Cold wax does not stick, it is easy to remove and throw away for hygienic reasons. The skin during pregnancy may be more sensitive. If you experience any changes after waxing apply adequate care. If you are experiencing redness, spots or itching, first apply a product on chamomile and vitamin E basis.


Hair Care in Pregnancy


Some pregnant women start losing their hair, so it is important to take action as soon as possible in order to prevent hair loss. With the advice of gynecologists, it is important to replenish your diet with certain minerals and vitamins, and besides, you should use special lotions that strengthen the hair roots. Instead of using your regular hair balm, apply a mixture of 5 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and water to prevent hair loss, strengthen the roots and give your hair lovely shine.

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