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Christina's Story

Posted by Wink Admin on

This product is amazing! I had a baby about 7 weeks ago and Have been wearing Winks Ultra Bikini almost everyday for the last month. I did not have a C Section but I did gain 35lbs during my pregnancy and was having a lot of anxiety about what my stomach would look like after everything. The results are incredible! I am seeing my body transform back into the way I looked pre-baby at an amazing rate. This shapewear is nothing like I have ever purchased. The number one thing that I have noticed, it doesn't roll when you sit down or move around! The design and functionality of the Ultra Bikini is perfect for postpartum women.The material is the best quality I have ever personally experienced with any shapewear. It is soft and comfortable but yet as sturdy as a Victorian corset! I would recommend this product to any and all women bringing bundles of joy into the world! Thank You Wink!!!

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