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Mummy Tummy Be Gone

Posted by Wink Admin on

Well for a day at least. Last weekend I wiggled and squeezed my way into the new Wink Shapewear range that was confidence crushingly called ‘Belly Blaster’ in an effort to reduce my wobbly mummy tummy and ease myself into a little black dress for a family get together. I don’t know why us women do it. We spend a huge part of our lives analysing our bodies post pregnancy and feeling generally discouraged by how it looks versus the super slim celeb mummies who live in a world of Dukan diets, no carbs and celebrity trainers.

We agonise over lumps and bumps when really we should celebrate the amazing changes our body has gone through and embrace our new shape. Unfortunately, I fall into camp one and three years on still beat myself with a wet fish when I find the tiny silver stretch mark veins and find my muffin pouch not something I let alone my husband would want to look at. That’s not to say I’ve let it all go – I watch what I eat, I have cut back to 1500 calories a day, I cook fresh every night and I’ve started an exercise regime with a friend where we are swimming 2 – 3 nights a week. However, there are still those times when you need a quick fix and the new Wink Shapewear range promises to be a quick fix for those ‘must be slim’ emergencies, think of it as a lingerie fairy godmother if you will.

Little lingerie miracles like this are a wardrobe staple for many mums post pregnancy; for me unless I magically have a windfall I won’t be having a tummy tuck any time soon, and to be honest I’m not sure I could stomach that sort of operation. Mum’s are attracted to shapewear to hold in and smooth over extra body fat it is appealing to many of us mothers who lack the tight muscles that used to hold us together (they were there once honestly)! Wink Shapewear carries an exquisite line of top-quality shapewear that thankfully can rescue us and our bodies from wobblyness.

The Winks Shapewear range has some impressive credentials:-“Wink is the only medical-grade system of postnatal recovery garments that help new moms get back into their fabulous shape after baby.”

The variety of styles and options on offer is vast and each of the products can target a different trouble spot or solve a clothing dilemma whilst ultimately being comfortable to wear. For me, I am not concerned about my thighs, I’ve got good legs. Thanks to the joys of pregnancy my breasts are still large enough to house a small family of marsupials in and so wearing my own bra is a must have for shapewear. However, I want something that covers my back area and deals with my muffin top and that annoying join you get when wearing tights and pants and a bra and basically feel like a squashed sausage.

I don’t like elastic or velcro to fasten things and prefer proper metal hook and eye fastening in a corset style – therefore no embarrassing ripping noises and hook and eye actually works when it’s fastened. Most importantly, I want shapewear that will stay up where I want it so I don’t have to worry about it sliding down throughout the day and having to do some strange pulling and tugging in public. These preferences led me to the Ultimate Belly Blaster, and it is everything I hoped it would be!

And I was not disappointed. The Ultimate Belly Blaster is made from a smoothy silky material and tight fitting for maximum compression. The hooks and eyes on the side panel allow for four different levels of

adjustment as you prefer a tighter or looser fit, and well as adjustable lengths with the shoulder straps. There are two layers of high compression level material called Lycrosoft, so you feel very ‘contained’ and not in any way squashed or uncomfortable. I could move and bend easily when wearing it and it felt like a very well fitting dress. I loved the fact that I could wear my normal bra with it and the material is strong and supportive and stood up well to the rigours of me pulling it on yet is very soft and tactile too. The high back is a HUGE bonus to the design as it covers that nasty back rolls so many of us get and although this shapewear is specifically created for the first 8 weeks of post partum recovery and particularly for post abdominal surgery recover I can see it can be used well after this date for any mum who needs that helping hand, without going under the knife, to get into something special and feel comfortable.

I wore it all day. I felt amazing. Unlike other shapewear products I have used I didn’t spend every 5 minutes pulling something up or down or fidgeting. Going to the loo was also a breeze thanks to it’s clever popper design so at least you don’t have to squat like a medieval wench over your loo!

Currently if you head to the Wink Shapewear site you can sign up for their newsletter and get 10% off your first order – the Belly Blaster has an RRP of £85.99 which whilst pricier than your usual M&S Shapewear is far superior in design, quality and comfort and has been specifically designed with mum’s post pregnancy in mind.

If however you fancy winning yourself a piece of Wink Shapewear then you’ll want to enter my latest competition to win aWink Ultra Bikini in either black or nude.

Made from the same high quality material as the Ultimate Belly Blaster, the Ultimate Postpartum Ultra bikini provides compression and support during your first 8 weeks of postpartum recovery and post abdominal surgeries recovery. Besides postpartum recovery, this bikini can also be worn as a shapewear and is ideal for someone looking for a strong but yet soft compression garment to smooth out love handles and back fat rolls. This compression garment helps eliminates lax skin, baby pooch following a delivery and abdominal surgeries.

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