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Wink Shape Wear Review and Giveaway

Posted by Wink Admin on

Wink Shape Wear provides women with exactly what they need to make you look a full size smaller without any surgery or treatment. All of this is done is a very discreet manner, as they “pinky promise” to do! All girls have their secrets as to how they do things with beauty and with Wink Shape Wear here’s another.
Did you know that Wink Shape Wear is the only shape wear that can bring you down one whole size? That’s just one of the many things that sets them apart from all the other shape wear companies. How about the fact that they work with actual doctors to bring you the best compression materials available today or that their garments are made from a state-of-the-art patented medical grade material !
My favorite part about the product I chose is that it fully supports their statement that their garments are ultra strong but equally soft, seamless, and silky smooth and the fact that it’s breathable and adapts to your body’s changing shape. Speaking of the product I chose, it would be the Booty Shaper Shorts in Nude!
I chose this product because I have absolutely no “backside” at all. I most certainly needed some assistance back there! Not only did I notice a different but my husband did too. I put them on one day before he came home from work and pranced around the house for a little while before he was finally like, “Did you go get butt implants while I was at work today?” I just giggled and walked away! Some secrets must never be revealed!

I love the fact that I could barely tell that they were on. I could breathe and everything. If you’re a woman reading this you know exactly why I am saying that. I didn’t have marks all over me when I took them off and the best part was they hid perfectly underneath my clothes.
My next investment from Wink Shape Wear is going to be the Ultimate Belly Blaster! I don’t know if I will be flattered when my husband comes home and asks if I’ve had Lipo done though lol!
Another great feature is the offer post pregnancy things also. They have items such as nursing shapers, C-Section Panties and a Belly Band! I wish I would have known about Wink Shape Wear 4 years ago!
Don’t just take my word for it though! Go and try their products for yourself at
One lucky reader will get to experience the same wonderful feeling I got experience with the Booty Shaper Shorts because the great people from Wink Shape Wear are letting me give a pair away! Big thanks to them for that and everything else they do!
You can enter using the raffle copter form. Please go to the original post for the form (link below).

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