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5 Foods Even Professional Trainers Won’t Go Near

Posted by Wink Admin on

Since professional trainers choose to be at their healthiest and to pass that knowledge and guidance onto you, here’s an interesting list of foods that most personal trainers won’t even go near.

1. Fried Anything

Aside from being high in bad-for-you fats, oils, and calories, fried food can wreak havoc on your body.

Everything from bad skin to digestive issues stem from eating fried foods.

2. Processed Foods

A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t pronounce and recognize every single ingredient in the food – you shouldn’t ingest it.

Processed foods tend to turn into fat once they hit your digestive system, and they also have the potential to cause inflammation throughout various parts of your body.

3. Soda

Every single kind of soda, yes even diet, needs to be completely eliminated if you wish to stay on the healthy track.

There’s nothing healthy about soda, it contains ridiculous amounts of sugar which can lead to all types of health problems including tooth decay, digestive issues, inflammation throughout the body, and bone loss.

That’s why professional trainers and nutritionists steer clear of it.

4. Margarine

Nothing but empty calories and bad-for-you trans fat. Keep it to real butter if you are going to use any butter at all.

5. Gluten

If you don’t want to cut out gluten totally, then reducing your intake of it will be helpful.

Gluten falls into the processed food group and tends to make one feel rather bloated.

It also has the potential to cause an array of skin problems, digestive issues, and cause inflammation.

About the author: Danielle is a blogger, article writer, and virtual assistant who specializes in the areas of pregnancy, family, small business, health, lifestyle, and social media. Visit her on the web

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