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Women: The Pillar of the Family

Posted by Wink Admin on

Women are commonly considered to be the Pillar of the family.  Women tend to be strong minded, straight forward, kind and very goal oriented.  These characteristics automatically give women the upper hand when achieving their goals. Whether they are home makers or are working mothers, strong women tend to get it done

  1. Maintenance of Financial decisions: In a lot of circumstances women are the ones who keep track of the family income. They maintain things like paying the bills and doing the grocery shopping. It is important for a lot of women to know the limit for spending and what the family expenses are so they can provide accordingly.
  2. Potential in Child behavior: Every child’s behavior is influenced by their parents.  Women, being nurturing by nature, are responsible for nurturing her children in a proper ways. By encouraging them for their successes and good behavior.  While also correcting their untoward behavior by teaching them the difference between right and wrong as well as other life lessons. Most importantly a driven woman always tries to guide her children to make the best decisions that will help them be successful in their future.
  3. Activity and Nutritious foods: Women and particularly mothers are generally very conscious about health. They prefer wholesome Proteins, Vitamins, and Carbohydrates for energy in the daily food servings. Keeping their family motivated and involved in physical activity is also very important for their overall health. Good food and exercise are essential for a healthy and happy family.
  4. Forgotten Sacrifices: Daily cooking, packing the lunches, work stress, sending kids to extra classes, and the carpool are just a few of the things that keep women from having any time for themselves. They of course don’t mind, because they are happy to be there. It is also very important for them to find something to do in any spare time they can muster to make themselves happy!
  5. Women as a Wife & as a Mother: She is at the center of everyone’s universe. A pillar of structure and love to her children. A pillar of love and commitment to her husband. A strong force is needed to keep anything working properly and millions of women are proud to say, in their family, that strong force…is ME!



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  • Really a nice message.It shows the strength of women.Women have realy a top place in the family as well as in society.

    shivam singh on

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